June 07th 2023

Going global

Across borders: promoting intercultural competencies with a variety of options for international studies

It is now 18 years since we first held the International Topics at our Department of Business & Management. The curriculum of our students of the diploma program Wirtschaft & Management for Professionals included a mandatory intensive block of several weeks at a foreign partner university in the eigth semester. At that time, the students could either attend the Fondazione CUOA in Vicenza (from April 3 – 14, 2005) or the St. Petersburg State University (from April 17 – 28, 2005).

Since the beginning of International Studies (formerly International Topics), we have been able to develop many things further and to respond even more individually to the different needs of our students. In the beginning we sent our diploma students abroad. But, since spring semester 2012, it is the part-time bachelor's students, and since spring semester 2014 also our master's students, who can broaden their horizons, promote intercultural competence and gain valuable experience and skills within this International Module. From the original two destinations to choose from, we are now at six different options to complete the mandatory International Studies module abroad:

  1. a full semester abroad (see partner universities)
  2. two weeks abroad with a customized program at a partner university (e.g.: Canada, Brazil, Shanghai, South Africa)
  3. one week abroad (e.g.: Portugal, Prague & Budapest, Moscow) and the second week at MCI
  4. a double degree completion partner universities in France, Italy and Czech Republic for our Master students
  5. option to go abroad as a freemover
  6. an online module with our international partners for students who cannot go abroad.

For this academic year, we have now been able to complete International Topics for the 19th time. Of the 104 bachelor's and master's students who are required to complete this module,

  • eight students have spent an entire semester studying at a partner university (for example, at Pepperdine University in the USA),
  • 40 students have participated in the two-week program and have been to universities in Victoria/Vancouver and in Stellenbosch/Cape Town,
  • 18 students have traveled to Portugal for one week,
  • three students from France, Italy & the Czech Republic came to MCI to study for a double degree,
  • one student is studying as a freemover at a foreign university, and
  • 37 students have completed International Studies online.

Originally established due to massive travel restrictions, our International Studies online have now become a quality and impressive alternative for students who, for various reasons, cannot travel across borders.

With our international module, we see the opportunity for our students and especially our part-time students to learn about and immerse themselves in new cultures and expand intercultural competencies. Our students can discover new perspectives and approaches to current issues that broaden their understanding and skills. This is invaluable in a globalized world as intercultural skills become increasingly important in both personal and professional lives. Last but not least, this module is also designed to give our students the opportunity to complete their studies at our Department of Business & Management with a special highlight.


Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd Kirschner | Controlling & Finance Bachelor's program Business & Management
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