February 02nd 2024

Studying part-time – a worthwhile investment

Flexibility, practical relevance, career opportunities. The smart choice for working professionals

Part-time study offers many advantages that make it an attractive educational pathway. Our part-time bachelor's program Business & Management for Professionals and the master's program International Business & Management are practice-oriented and designed so that they can be studied alongside a career. Both study programs have a strong application focus, which enables students to apply what they have learned directly in their profession and thus prepares them for their next career steps. This combination of study and work promotes an understanding of the real requirements and challenges of professional life.

Our students and graduates are better educated, not least through the exchange of experience with other practitioners in the courses, and have a knowledge and network advantage over others. In addition, our students take what they have learned back to their companies and can apply it there directly. The practical training, the network and the degree help them to develop both professionally and personally.

For example, part-time study offers the additional advantage of being able to acquire academic qualifications such as bachelor's or master's degrees while working, which also saves time. Studying while working also allows you to maintain your standard of living.

Carina Röder, BBA MA, graduate of the bachelor's program Business & Management for Professionals and now Senior Consultant & Expert for Human Resources and Organization, CONNECT COMPETENCE, Tyrol: "The part-time study program was characterized by a very practice-oriented approach, which enabled me to apply the knowledge I had acquired directly in my professional environment. In addition to outstanding lecturers, exciting courses and first-class organization, it was above all the international focus that inspired me. Overall, this course was an inspiring and instructive experience for me, which not only provided me with in-depth specialist knowledge, but also the practical skills that are crucial for a successful professional career."

Studying while working requires flexibility and good time management, as you have to balance your studies with your career. You learn to set priorities and use your time efficiently. These skills are not only an advantage during your studies, but also later in your professional life.

However, studying while working can also present challenges. It requires a lot of discipline and stamina. Studying while working also offers the opportunity to expand your own network and think outside the box. It can help you to develop professionally and qualify you for higher-value jobs, which can also be reflected in a higher salary.

Aleksandar Nunic, LL.M., B.A. (MCI), graduate of the bachelor's program Business & Management for Professionals now Tax Consultant – Tax Manager at Deloitte Tirol: "The unique combination of highly motivated professors and students was a personal highlight for me. The course not only enabled me to expand my professional network, but also to develop real friendships. The knowledge transfer is at a very high level with strong practical relevance. Studying at MCI encourages you to leave your comfort zone and continuously develop your own personality. I wouldn't want to miss my time at MCI."

Good time management is crucial for balancing studies, work, and private life. It is important to set priorities and use your time efficiently. One way to do this is to create a schedule and stick to it. Studying while working requires a lot of self-motivation. It is important to set yourself goals and to keep reminding yourself why you started studying. One option is to regularly make a note of small successes and reward yourself.

Overall, it shows that studying part-time is not only a worthwhile investment in your own education, but also plays a key role in achieving professional goals and promoting personal growth. The extra mile that our students go with such a course pays off not only professionally, but also personally – an investment in a promising and fulfilling professional future.

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz.  Michael Razen, PhD | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Business & Management
FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Michael Razen, PhD Head of Department & Studies +43 512 2070 - 3100