April 21st 2022

🇲🇽 Hola de México 🇲🇽

Anna and Charlott are currently enjoying their semester abroad in Mérida/Mexico and report on many exciting and new impressions

Mexico is colourful, loud and incredibly versatile. Thanks to Mérida's favourable location, we have already been able to visit places like Cancún, Tulum and the island of Cozumel. We dove in the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea and swam in unique cenotes (water caves), tasted Mexico's diverse cuisine, visited the Mayan ruins and saw the most beautiful sunsets under palm trees on the beach.

The campus of the Anáhuac Mayab University is really beautiful, very modern and open, and the lectures are usually held in groups of about 20 people. Our courses are all face-to-face, although there are also online courses. The course selection is very diverse and many courses are offered in English and Spanish. Especially in larger or touristy places, communication in English works pretty well, but we noticed that sometimes it is a big advantage to speak Spanish. In the city center, most people wear masks; at the university, hands have to be disinfected and body temperature measured at every entrance. In addition, students are tested regularly at random. But we are happy to put up with these measures in order to be able to attend our courses.

The people are very open, warm and happy to meet people from other countries. It is really exciting to get to know such a foreign culture. We really appreciate having the opportunity to spend our semester abroad in Mérida despite the pandemic. We are looking forward to all the experiences we will be able to gather in the near future. We will certainly come back with many new impressions and learnings and can therefore only recommend a semester abroad in Mérida.