April 20th 2021

Hälsningar från Dalarna!

This week we received a postcard from Dalarna in Sweden: Anna-Maria, Andreas and Matthäus are spending their semester abroad in the far north at Dalarna University.

In addition, the students also sent us a short report about their experience abroad during this turbulent time.

"We are reporting with a small status update from Sweden. More specifically from the Dalarna region - the heart of Sweden. Everyday life here is normal, fortunately we are almost not restricted here by Corona. Restaurants and bars are open until 20:30 and masks are worn only occasionally: nevertheless, it is noticeable that the Swedes appeal to common sense and keep their distances.

Most of our courses at the university are online, the focus is on independent learning and many essays are included in the grade. This is especially nice because often only the main topic is set and we are allowed to choose further specializations ourselves.

In our free time, we travelled around the surrounding area as well as to more distant destinations. Our highlight was definitely the trip to the northernmost city in Sweden - Kiruna, where we were able to do activities such as a husky sled ride, watching the Northern Lights, but also the typical sauna session followed by an ice water bath. We also visited cities like Malmö and Stockholm and learned to love the real culture of Swedish fika."

Thank you for the postcard and the personal report - the MCI Tourism Team was very pleased to receive it and wishes you every success in your semester abroad!

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