May 12th 2021

🇹🇭 คำทักทายจาก (greetings from) Thailand! 🇹🇭

Victoria Boric and Christian Rauter spent their 6th semester at Mae Fah Luang in Chiang Rai!

When we spontaneously booked our flight to Thailand for our semester abroad in December 2020, we didn't really have many expectations. But what awaited us after a 2-week quarantine in Bangkok had positively surprised us. The colourful markets, the numerous temples, the many small hip cafés and the coffee farms in Chiang Rai, in the north of Thailand, let us get to know the country and its people from their most beautiful side, despite the Corona pandemic.

The daily study routine at Mae Fah Luang University takes place online most of the time, but we were still able to get to know some of our fellow students and also go on excursions together, such as to the tea fields of the Akha tribe. We think it was the best time for us personally to get to know this country, apart from the economic and social challenges the country has due to the Corona pandemic. We had the opportunity to visit many places in their original and quiet way, which in normal times are overrun by tourists.

What we take away from our semester abroad in Chiang Rai? That a moped is the way to many hidden special places away from tourism and that it often takes a bit of courage, respect and uncertainty to get where you want to go.

We can recommend the semester abroad in Chiang Rai to everyone, because the small lively but sleepy city in the north of Thailand has its own charm. You can also do a lot in the entire Chiang Rai province. Whether it's hiking, visiting coffee farms, trying new food at the night market or riding your motorbike along the green rice fields, there's no chance of boredom here.