February 16th 2023

Well prepared for a semester abroad

Off to see the world - an international semester as part of your studies

During their studies, bachelor and master students in the Industrial Engineering and Management program can take advantage of the opportunity to complete a semester at a universit abroad. Bachelor students of the fifth semester can either spend a semester abroad or stay at the MCI and participate in an international semester in English. Master students have this opportunity in the third semester.

If you really want to spend a semester abroad, you should think carefully about where you would like to go. There are numerous opportunities at MCI to spend a semester abroad at partner universities for each degree program. It can be an advantage if the partner university participates in the Erasmus+ program. This offers special funding as well as an organized content program, which can be used at the partner universities. If your choice of university abroad is not on the list of our partner universities, you can spend the semester abroad as a so-called freemover and plan your stay yourself.

Infosessions on your international semester in the third semester of the bachelor's program and in the first semester of the master's program give you the full information on this topic.

This gives you enough time to get an overview of the possible partner universities. The allocation of the partner university places then takes place in the following semester. The allocation is also the starting point for the following preparations:

  • Course selection
  • Language requirements and language certificates
  • Accommodation
  • Administrative matters: Learning Agreements, etc


Active support is offered by our International Office as well as the assistance from our study program.

There are many reasons to consider a semester abroad. A semester abroad not only offers you a lot of room for individual development in the areas of language skills and cultural understanding, but also gives you the opportunity to set a focus on content. Newly gained experiences and memories will stay for a lifetime.

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