January 09th 2023

Graduation 2022

The department industrial engineering & management celebrated 74 graduates at the ceremony in December

Our graduates of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management received their well-deserved certificates during the graduation ceremony in December 2022, and can proudly look back on many succesfull milestones.

The wonderful ceremony gave families, friends and graduates the perfect setting to celebrate. “A celebration is only special when it is celebrated together,” said Rector Andreas Altmann in his speech. The graduation took place at the beautifully decorated Congress in Innsbruck. We are proud to have the opportunity to accompany so many students on this important path. Not only do our graduates strengthen their own personalities through their experiences and commitment, they also contribute to our economy and society as a whole.

"The small MCI was established more than 25 years ago in a garage with two desks," explained Altmann. That was the beginning of the MCI as it now exists and continues to grow. Life's course is marked by ups and downs, which our students have successfully faced during their studies. But learning does not end with receiving a diploma. All of our graduates can be proud of what they have achieved. We wish them much success and good luck for their future.