April 06th 2023

Insights into the MCI Mentoring Program

Mentor and mentee of the Industrial Engineering & Management program share their experiences

The MCI Mentoring Program connects MCI graduates who want to share their experiences with students who want to gain orientation and security for their professional career path. Mentoring is based on experiential knowledge and a longer-term exchange and combines consulting and networking. The Industrial Engineering program has been offering this program for a year now.


Chiara and Gerald on their valuable experiences gained from the mentoring program:

Why did you choose this program?

Mentor Gerald: I like the idea of supporting someone in a similar situation to the one you were in a few years ago.

Mentee Chiara: I chose to participate in the program, because I wanted to get honest insights into the personal experiences in the professional field of an alumni of Industrial Enigneering.

What is the added value you get from the mentoring program?

Mentor Gerald: It's a nice way to also reflect on your own studies and subsequent development. The exchanges allows a mutual learning experience away from a purely technical matter.

Mentee Chiara: Especially for the bachelor thesis, his tips are invaluable. I benefit from the fact that he was in this situation himself a few years ago and can empathize with my situation. Just hearing that it is normal for the beginning to be hard and chaotic helps me. Gerald gives me a very honest insight regarding career entry, salary, hurdles, opportunities etc.

How does the program benefit you personally?

Mentor Gerald: It's just refreshing to meet a new person and discuss the different aspects of life.

Mentee Chiara: I always look forward to our meetings because I can ask any questions that are on my mind. I know that I will get an honest answer based on his experiences, which I really appreciate.


Interested? Find out how to become a mentee and mentor: https://www.mci4me.at/de/services/career-center/mci-mentoring-program

Mentors & mentees

What are MCI mentors? Mentors are committed companions who listen, answer questions, provide feedback, motivate, give practical tips, point out opportunities, self-critically disclose their own mistakes and successes, and share professional networks. They are not mediators of internships or jobs or even guarantors of direct entry into the executive suite.

What are MCI mentees? Mentees are active bachelor students who benefit from informal exchange with experienced personalities by gaining authentic insights into the world of work, working on personal development areas, receiving honest feedback, getting guidance on starting a career and discussing questions about the future.