May 19th 2023

MCI students visit AIRBUS company

Practical relevance of the courses in the Industrial Engineering & Management program

Practical orientation has a very high priority in the Industrial Engineering & Management degree program. Take a closer look at an exciting course that teaches students valuable content and skills through excursions and practical examples. As part of the course Operative Production Planning & Management, the lecturer Thomas Opschondek took our bachelor's students on a field trip to the Airbus company at the Donauwörth site in Germany. After the reception, the students were able to gain insights into the parts and components manufacturing process, i.e. metallic machining, rotor blade manufacturing and fiber composites. Following the manufacturing process, the students visited the main group assembly and the final assembly of H135 and H145. The highlight of the excursion was the viewing of the flight tower, which gave the students the opportunity to observe three helicopters during a test flight.

"The added value of the excursion was that we got an insight into a large company. In addition, we were able to relive some of the things we had learned in a practical way, which gave us a better understanding. We were also able to ask a lot of questions and make contacts for a possible internship at Airbus," says Maximilian, representative of the bachelor's year 2021, after the excursion.

Lector Opschondek explains the reference of the course and the AIRBUS company visit, "Essentially, the knowledge described and conveyed in theory in the subject of Production Planning & Management is to be demonstrated again in practice, to be deepened and to discuss the many real problems. It runs thematically through the entire lecture."