October 22nd 2021

International Study Tour - Part 2

Visiting the world fair Expo2020 - Dubai

An integral part of the International Study Program 2021 was the visit of the world Fair Expo2020 in Dubai. Following the motto „Connecting minds, creating the future“, the students had the possibility to dive deeper into tomorrow’s world and experience how innovative and creative ideas will shape the future.

The main themes presented at the Expo are sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. Sustainable solutions were presented, which showed the students how to help to preserve the planet for future generations and how collective action towards creating a more sustainable society can be achieved. Moreover, the students gained insights into which new possibilities arise through smarter mobility and how these possibilities influence traveling in the future. Students were also able to experience how to create and seize opportunities in fast pacing world and meet people from all over the world, who are transforming dreams and aspirations into the realities of tomorrow.

Besides the exploration of the theme worlds, they also had the pleasure to visit several country pavilions. Of course, their first stop was the Austria pavilion, which represents a combination of Austrian and Arabian design and architecture. After a warm welcome and get-together with the organizers, students explored the pavilion’s concept “Austria makes sense”. Moreover, they also visited the host country's pavilion, where they gained valuable insights into the development and transformation of the United Arab Emirates and famous cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The visit to the pavilion of Saudi Arabia impressively showed them the diversity of the country’s landscape, society and economy. Furthermore, students also visited the pavilions of our neighboring countries such as Switzerland, Italy and Germany and were impressed by their innovative and creative ideas on how they shape and create the future.

All in all, the visit of the Expo2020 not only enhanced students’ entrepreneurial and sustainable thinking but also enriched their understanding of multicultural and globalized society.