December 14th 2021

🇮🇹Saluti da Rimini🇮🇹

My semester abroad at the Università di Bologna/Campus Rimini - a great experience!

I am incredibly grateful to have been able to spend my semester abroad in the 3rd semester of my Master's programme "Entrepreneurship & Tourism" at the Università di Bologna/Campus Rimini since September. Despite the current situation due to COVID-19, we are lucky to be able to participate in the face-to-face classes, which I appreciate very much. Also the handling and the organization of the semester abroad by the university was generally no problem and one was always informed in advance about the current Corona situation in Italy.

In addition to many new people I met, I was also able to get to know some exciting lecturers from all over the world. Rimini is simply a great and multifaceted city that offers numerous leisure opportunities. Through the Erasmus program, new great events are organized every week. Excursions to famous Italian cities such as Florence or Bologna are of course a must! But also the places around Rimini such as San Marino, Verucchio, Riccione or Santarcangelo are very worth a visit and can be reached quickly and easily thanks to the good bus and train connections.

A semester abroad is a very exciting and thrilling time, combined with many beautiful moments and memories. I can really only recommend the Università di Bologna and Rimini!