July 13th 2022

Tourism research for practice

MCI Tourism has always pursued the vision of being a bridge builder between science and business.

Therefore, today we would like to present a summary of selected Master's theses of the study programme "Entrepreneurship & Tourism" by motivated students who have completed their studies in autumn 2021. Last year there were many exciting topics as well, which can be read on the knowledge platform TTR Tirol Tourism Research (www.ttr.tirol).

Customer behaviour
Daniela Nirschl researched the Attitude-Behaviour Gap. This hides the - unfortunately still - very large gap between awareness of more sustainable travel and actual holiday behaviour. Antonia Weiler looked at how day visitors choose ski resorts.

Innovation & Business Models
Stefan Brida researched the readiness for dynamic pricing in the holiday hotel industry and was awarded the WKT Science Prize for this. David Plaseller, on the other hand, showed possible innovative business models for the hotel industry in Tyrol and South Tyrol.

Family Businesses & Employee Management
Lukas Prehal dealt with the topic of resilience in family businesses in his work. The topic of employer branding was also dealt within two papers, each of which also looked at the viewpoint of different generations. While Verena Klumaier focused on the family-run hotel industry, Katharina Wohlgenannt examined family-run SMEs in general.

Destination development
Marion Mitterstätter investigated the question of whether overtourism can also occur in rural areas.
Previous theses from the previous year can be found directly at the TTR under the tag "MCI Tourism Master Theses".