January 19th 2021

Digital Excursion to BHS Technologies

Digital excursion for Medical Technologies students was a great success!

MCiT & DiBSE Nachrichten

In December, students of the fifth semester of Medical Technologies were able to visit the company BHS Technologies "digitally" as part of the course Minimally Invasive Procedures. During the excursion, the RoboticScope®, a robot-assisted microscope for minimally invasive procedures, was presented and given a practical demonstration by staff members Natalie Hinkkanen and Marc Capelli.

The microscope is controlled by a head-mounted display attached to the surgeon's head. With gestures of the head, movement commands are transmitted via the robotic arm to the camera head and the surgical field is reproduced. 

The students were able to learn about the functions of the robotic microscope in great detail. In addition, Mark Capelli gave an authentic insight into the activities as an engineer in his own start-up and explained classic challenges in the development of the device. Even though the excursion could not be carried out in presence, it was a complete success!


“I really liked the presentation. Its structure was very fine to follow and the way they presented the function of the robot was quite nice done. Of course it would be much better to see the whole presentation and set up in real life, but the way they both did it, was absolutely fine for me. For my part I also learned pretty much about this system.” (Nina K., student)

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