May 19th 2021

Future-oriented study programme leaves a lasting impression

The innovative combination of technology, medicine, health and sports is attracting more and more applicants!

The new Bachelor's degree program in Medical-, Health- and Sports Engineering is enjoying great popularity. Only after the first three application deadlines, an outstanding number of applications were received. The innovative degree program will start in the coming winter semester 2021 and addresses anyone interested in technical engineering in the field of medicine, health and sports.

This innovative degree program offers a basic technical education and in the 4th semester, students are able to specialize in the field of medical engineering or health and sports engineering. This combination of a fundamental technical education and the specialization in the two different fields of health engineering is something the applicants are most interested in. They are also fascinated by the practical curriculum, which deals intensively with the latest technical achievements such as artificial intelligence. Students thus acquire the skills in handling the latest robots, image processing and modelling. Through this study program, students remain at the cutting edge of knowledge in the rapidly changing field of medical, health and sports engineering and can drive innovation themselves through their education.

There is still one more application deadline for the Bachelor's degree program in Medical, Health and Sports Engineering, which ends on the 30th of May 2021. Therefore, interested students can still apply for the new, innovative degree program until the end of May. All information regarding the admission and the application process can be found on our homepage.

The Medical Technologies-Team is looking forward to receive your application!

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