October 20th 2021

Helpful application tips for your study

Do you want to apply for your dream degree program in medical technologies or medical, health and sports engineering, but you are unsure how to make your application a success? We provide you with helpful tips for your written application to stand out from the crowd.

1. Letter of motivation

We value you and your motivation! Therefore, explain in your motivation letter why you want to study medical and sports engineering at MCI. What fascinates you in this study programme? Why study at MCI? Show us that you have taken a close look at the Entrepreneurial School ®, the degree program and its curriculum.

2. Career goals / future perspectives

Provide us with an insight into your plans for the future. In which companies, organizations and business areas do you see your professional career? Do you plan to continue your studies, and if so, what direction should your journey take you? Even if you do not have any specific plans yet, tell us about your current ideas and the areas that might interest you later.

3. Completeness / Confirmations

Make sure to submit all application documents with your online application. MCI and both study programs are especially interested in your practical experience (continuing education courses, internships, jobs etc.). So do not forget to submit evidence of your experiences (confirmations, certificates, testimonials etc.).

4. Design / Layout

A visually appealing and well-structured application will help you to stand out from the crowd! In addition to your layout, pay attention to the wording in complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling.

5. Language

Always write your application in the language of the programme.

Master Medical Technologies: English
Bachelor Medical, Health and Sports Engineering: German

We are looking forward to receiving your application by the first application deadline of 11/14/2021, for the winter semester of 2022!


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