December 02nd 2021

Goodbye Wanderlust!

Kevin Fischler is a student of the bachelor's degree program "Medical, Health & Sports Engineering". He is currently spending his semester abroad in South Korea at the Kyung Hee University in Seoul. He talks about his experiences with COVID-19, his student life and the exciting courses he attends there.

I am studying medical engineering in my 5th semester and, I am currently spending my semester abroad at the Kyung Hee University in Seoul (South Korea). Through some preparations due to COVID-19, it was fortunately still possible for me to start my semester abroad. In the beginning, there was a lot to clarify and consider. In South Korea, there are various strict entry requirements and regulations regarding COVID-19. For example, you have to wear mouth and nose protection as soon as you leave the apartment. Despite everything, I enjoy my stay abroad here. I spend most of my time with my Korean colleagues in the library or cafés studying. All the students here are extraordinarily hardworking. On the weekends, I try to discover as much of the culture and the country as possible.

The study is exciting and intensive. I attend some courses in medical technologies such as "Computational Analysis and Programming in Biomedical Engineering" and "Advanced Metallurgical Engineering". However, my absolute favourite course is "Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition".

I would recommend to anyone to go abroad during their medical engineering studies. Because even in the specific field of medical technology, there is a large selection of partner universities worldwide. A stay abroad is a great experience, you have a lot of fun and learn new things.

For me, South Korea is the best destination I can only recommend it. It is a different world in which you live here. The city keeps you on your toes, and there are some specialities about the culinary, so you should not be too picky about food. Another tip for all those who want to spend their semester abroad here: In South Korea, "Ne" means "Yes". :) 

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