April 05th 2022

Arm-Wrestling-Device for Rehabilitation

MCI students develop "arm wrestling device" to restore strength and mobility in arms and hands

Exergames are so-called interaction games that are increasingly used in rehabilitation. The aim of exergames is to give patients the opportunity to work on their strength and mobility in a playful way and to restore their abilities.

In the course "Medical Device Development Project", three students of the Bachelor's degree program Medical Technology dealt with the programming and production of an Exergame and developed the "Arm-Wrestling-Device", i.e. an arm-wrestling game, at the end of the course.

The team, consisting of Patrick Kamenschek, Patrick Sekmen and Vanessa Lukasser, based their work on an existing bachelor project and were able to further develop it into an arm wrestling game within the framework of the course. In the game, the goal is to bring one's arm into the correct position so that the virtual palms touch in the game. Then you have to push the opponent's arm down by rotating your wrist and squeezing the handle. If this is done four times in a row, the game is won.

This "arm wrestling device" can especially be used for rehabilitation purposes by stroke patients, who can playfully work on the strength and mobility of their arm and hand.

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Close-up of the arm wrestling device and the display on the screen. ©Kamenschek, Sekmen, Lukasser

You can find a video about the project here:

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