August 22nd 2023

Personalized medical technologies: Robotics in health care

Innovative approaches through personalization: The MESROB conference presents pioneering concepts in individualized medical technology and robotics

This year, the MESROB conference (Medical and Service Robots) took place from 7 to 9 June in Craiova, Romania. Over three days, an international audience of interested guests and experts from the field of medical robotics and service robots came together. The venue was the University House, which provided an impressive setting for the event. All presentations during the event took place in the so-called State Room. They ranged from interactive sessions, where the guests were actively involved, to presentations of innovative and promising topics in the field of medical and service-oriented robotics. The sessions followed a "one-track structure", where each presentation was immediately after the next, promoting an intensive exchange of knowledge and networking among the participants.

Simon Winkler, a research assistant in the Department of Medical & Health Technologies both attended the conference and gave a presentation on a paper about “Patient Tailored Hand Exoskeletons - A 3D-Printable Concept for Force Transmission and Feedback" (Enzenberg, M., Winkler, S., Kim, Y. - 2023) on Friday morning. Simon Winkler explained in his presentation that the developed exoskeleton aims to support people with motor impairments in everyday life. The innovation of this concept is that the exoskeleton can be individually adapted to the user's hand with the help of a 3D scan (Individualized medicine). That makes tailor-made care possible, which could not be achieved in this form until now. Simon thus emphasized the constantly increasing importance of individualized as well as personalized approaches in order to be able to help people in the best way possible.

The MESROB conference once again highlighted that innovation in the field of medical robotics and the development of service robots requires close collaboration and exchange of ideas. The casual atmosphere of the conference created a unique platform for these interactions and helped to drive the future of these emerging technologies and connect professionals.


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