June 25th 2024

Long Night of Research

Experience the Medical, Health & Sports Engineering program up close

This year's Long Night of Research was once again a complete success for the Medical & Health Technologies Department at the MCI. The event takes place every two years throughout Austria and brings science and research closer to the public. At MCI's Technology & Life Sciences campus on Maximilianstraße in Innsbruck, this night was celebrated with numerous fascinating projects that offered a special insight into the world of modern technology and science.

The following projects were offered in the field of Medical & Health Technologies:

1. Virtual Reality Luge

The virtual reality (VR) luge, a project by Rodel Austria for accident prevention, offered an interactive experience. Using VR goggles and two controllers, participants were able to ride down a virtual luge run and learn how to steer the luge safely. This innovative application of virtual reality shows how technology can contribute to improving safety in sport.

2. Augmented Reality Sandbox

A highlight for all children was an interactive augmented reality (AR) sandbox, which projected the flow of rain onto the sand landscape. Visitors were able to change the sand landscape themselves and marvel at the flowing water on its way down into the valley. This vivid demonstration showed the application of fluid dynamics in nature.

3. Exoskeleton

Another fascinating project was the exoskeleton hand, which demonstrated the precise control of individual fingers. Visitors were able to move individual fingers using an app. This technology is mainly used in medical technology, particularly in rehabilitation, as it improves patients' ability to move and supports muscle function.

4. Robotic Dog

Another crowd attraction was the robotic dog "SPOT". The robot could be individually controlled via a remote control and thus walk around as a friendly companion on four paws. SPOT also has the ability to recognize and avoid obstacles at an early stage and to keep its balance independently if someone runs into it.

A big thank you goes to the team from the Medical & Health Technologies Department, who made the Long Night of Research a fantastic event with their enthusiasm.