February 28th 2024

Why should you study the master's of Business Psychology & Management?

One program - countless reasons

There are many reasons, but to name a few:

Flexible Learning Format for the Working Professional
The combination of online live- and coaching sessions with offline face-to-face skills labs and flexible self-study phases, allows you to balance your professional life and other responsibilities. This is crucial in a fast-paced world, making higher education accessible and realistic even if you're already differently occupied.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Real-World Application
The curriculum prepares you for the multi-faceted challenges of today's complex business world. The comprehensive nature of the course material equips you with a diverse skill set that can make you a valuable asset in any work setting. One of the program's key features is its focus on real-world applications and applying knowledge to real-world challenges/ problems. This emphasis ensures that the skills and knowledge you gain are immediately transferable to your current or future job roles. The practical experience makes your learning relevant and directly impactful.

Professional and Personal Development
Finishing this master’s program provides a valuable qualification and equips you for advanced managerial roles and leadership opportunities. The program encourages an entrepreneurial way of thinking that's important for leading and innovating in a competitive and fast-changing business environment. Additionally, our skills labs offer the chance to refine your leadership abilities. You can enhance your professional and personal skills through engaging workshops on campus.


Why is Business Psychology & Management relevant?

In a rapidly evolving world, business psychology provides the tools to navigate complexity, drive change, and foster a healthy, productive workplace. Business psychology plays a significant role in a variety of contemporary themes, including:

  • Employee well-being: The rise of remote work has made understanding the psychological factors affecting team cohesion and productivity essential.
  • Diversity and inclusion: A deeper understanding of organizational psychology can aid in building more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.
  • Crisis Management: Business psychology provides tools for resilience and crisis management.
  • Gig Economy: As freelancing and temporary work grow; business psychology offers insights into managing non-traditional workforces effectively.
  • High-Stakes Decisions: In our complex world, managerial decisions carry significant weight. Business psychology equips leaders to make more data-driven and empathic choices.

What do the modules of Business Psychology & Management entail?

Fundaments of Psychology
Delve into the core principles of business psychology and organizational behavior. Explore psychological theories and practices designed for the business world and gain a deeper understanding of organizational behavior across individual, group, and organizational levels. During these courses, you develop leadership skills and learn about organizational structures and design.

Understanding & Leading Organizations
Learn essential skills like financial statement analysis and financial modeling for better strategic decision-making. By gaining insights into managing organizational change and overcoming resistance, you are prepared to lead transformations effectively. You will also discover the power of futures thinking and strategic foresight in innovation and entrepreneurship, this enhances your ability to make forward-thinking decisions.

Applying Business Psychology in an Organizational Context
Discover the intersection of behavioral economics and marketing psychology. Learn about rational economic decision-making models and how they impact business strategies, and how to manage uncertainty. In this module, you will also gain expertise in talent management and strategic workforce planning. Our courses cover advanced job analysis and competency modeling, equipping you with skills in talent acquisition and management. Lastly, you will learn to understand the complexities of consumer behavior and the consumer decision-making process.

Contemporary Business Perspectives
Crucial for today’s responsible leaders, is the importance to master both qualitative and quantitative assessments of social performance in management. By enhancing your understanding of stakeholder management and your insights in the latest trends and developments in business psychology, you can stay ahead of the curve. Learn to work effectively with megatrends, balancing individual and societal perspectives.

Academic Research
Our program is designed to prepare you for the complexities of the scientific field. You will learn to critically analyze data and information, ensuring a clear understanding of business contexts. Develop the skill to conceive innovative solutions for challenging problems through networked thinking and gain the proficiency to select and apply AI tools to real-world research problems.