Hochschule Coburg

Year of foundation: 1971
Approx. number of students: 3,500
Period of study: Early October-Mid February; Mid March-End July
MCI partner since: 2009

The City

Coburg is located on the Itz River in Bavaria and has approximately 42,000 inhabitants. Long one of the Thuringian states of the Wettin line, it joined with Bavaria by popular vote in 1920. Before 1918, it was the smaller of the two capital cities in the united duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Coburg is home to two major festivals: Samba Festival and Johann Strauss Musiktage. Coburg is referred to as "Europe's Capital of Samba".

As a result of the large presence of the US Army prior to German re-unification, Americans and American culture are still present in Coburg and the surrounding area. This influence ranges from American-style pubs and restaurants to two sports clubs sponsoring baseball teams.

A popular local delicacy is the Coburger bratwurst, a sausage (the official size of which is denoted by a statue of a man holding a bratwurst located on the town hall, overlooking the square) roasted over a pinecone fire. The sausage is served in a semmel (a small bread bun, a third the size of the sausage itself), and is highly popular with locals and tourists alike.

The University

The Hochschule Coburg is one of the universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. Besides Social Work it also offers degree programs in Business, Engineering and Architecture. The campus is on a hill opposite to Coburg Castle. On the campus the student dormitories and the mensa can also be found.