MCI as your corporate partner

The manifold cooperation opportunities for companies range from sustainable partnerships in research, development, and innovation, to employer branding and recruiting measures as well as advertisement and sponsoring options with an attractive target group. As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI supports companies also in staff development and training as well as in establishing an in-house training academy.

Research & development

At the Entrepreneurial School®, the provision of competent scientific solutions and application-oriented research and development in a strong international network has top priority.

Thanks to the comprehensive expertise of our scientists in the fields of economy, health and society, technology and life sciences, we are able to provide quality research and make a substantial contribution to economic, social, and technical development. Our work supports local, national, and international partners in being more efficient, increasing their innovative power, and improving their competitive ability. As a partner, we use international know-how and technologies to meet local and national requirements.

Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner | CTO Chief Technology Officer Research & Development
Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner CTO Chief Technology Officer +43 512 2070 - 1800

MCI Career Center

The MCI Career Center is a competent partner for companies, and supports them in all aspects of recruiting on campus. It provides access to the academic talents of tomorrow in numerous ways.

In their respective fields of specialization, MCI students and graduates are in high demand. The MCI Career Center is a competent partner of companies seeking to unearth the talents of tomorrow, today, while providing access to them at multiples levels.

We are also happy to support you in the process of employer branding and recruiting. Various memberships are available according to your requirements.

Many companies have already chosen to rely on our competence as MCI Career Center.

Mag. Brigitte Huter | Head Student & Career Center Student & Career Center
Mag. Brigitte Huter Head Student & Career Center +43 512 2070 - 1900
MCI Recruiting Forum

The MCI Recruiting Forum provides a platform for companies to get in touch with talented students, graduates, and young professionals alike. It also offers a unique opportunity for you to present yourself as an attractive employer.

MCI Career Portal

The MCI Career Portal provides companies looking for graduates with practical training with a suitable framework for advertising theses, internships and jobs.

  • 5 advertisements (internships, jobs, trainee programs or theses) on the MCI Career Portal per year.
  • Listing at including a link to the corporate website.
  • Free of charge after registration.

  • 25 advertisements (internships, jobs, trainee programs or theses) on the MCI Career Portal per year.
  • Listing at including a link to the corporate website.
  • Costs: EUR 750,- per year.

  • Unlimited number of advertisements posted to the MCI Career Portal
  • Unlimited number of calls for Bachelor and Master theses
  • Detailed company profile at
  • Inclusion of the company logo in respective media of the MCI Career Center
  • Integration into social media activities organized by the university (available from the second year of registration or immediately upon registration for a multi-annual partnership)
  • Delivery of the annually published graduate catalogue
  • Optional participation in the annual MCI Recruiting Forum with a fair booth on site and a company portrait on the online platform at a reduced price of 50%.
  • For an additional charge of EUR 500,- p.a. a room sponsorship can be taken on.
  • Costs depending on company size.

Corporate Trainings

Fostering and maintaining the acquisition of relevant competencies forms an integral part of professional staff development. Therefore, MCI offers training programs for companies, tailored to their strategic goals and requirements.

In-house Trainings

Together, we will tap into the full potential of your employees, individual departments, or the entire company for that matter. We will help you plan, develop, and implement in-house trainings tailored to your specific requirements.

Corporate Academy

It is our aim to provide, in particular small and medium-sized businesses with support in establishing an in-house training academy. The MCI Executive Education services can be individually adapted to create an in-house training academy under your employer brand.

Together we will use your available resources to create a concept consisting of workshops, implementation plans, best practice examples, templates, and additional services, if desired. This enables small and medium-sized companies to set up their own training academy, based on MCI know-how in advanced education and staff development, without any great effort. Thus, previously outsourced employee training can be reintegrated into your own brand.

Mag. Susanne E. Herzog | Head Executive Education
Mag. Susanne E. Herzog Head Executive Education

Advertisement & sponsoring

A partnership with MCI provides companies and institutions with valuable communication channels to reach tomorrow’s clients.

Different events organized by MCI present an appropriate framework for companies to get in touch with highly qualified Entrepreneurial School® visitors, students, and graduates. By drawing on innovative forms of cooperation, you can also present yourself to a large audience and set the course for a successful future. We would be delighted to inform you about available options and create an individual offer for you.


MCI Open House

MCI Open House

The MCI Open House gives prospective students a taste of what it is like to be a student at MCI. It is also a perfect opportunity for you to get in touch with a young and well-educated audience and introduce your products and services relevant to all prospective students.

Some students and the lecturer during the lesson

MCI Welcome

As part of the MCI Welcome event, we welcome more than 1,000 freshmen to our institution each year. Seize the opportunity and introduce your products and services to our first-year students, who you will be able to accompany over the next few years of their studies.

Office chairs

Graduation ceremonies

Each year, more than 1,000 students successfully complete their MCI studies. This is celebrated within the framework of graduation ceremonies. There you are able to meet tomorrow’s talents and establish first contact.

A flag with the MCI logo

MCI Market Place

The MCI Market Place allows you to advertise services and products relevant to our students. Signing up for the basic version of the virtual market place ensures its use for a period of three months. If you choose to use our services for a period of over one year, you will also have the option to present your compan,y or range of products, as part of the MCI Welcome event.

Board with all scholarships & awards

Scholarships & awards

All MCI students have undergone a very demanding admission procedure and been proven to belong to the best of their respective disciplines. By donating scholarships or offering awards, you can aid the advancement of these talents while attracting attention to your range of goods and services.

 Janine Prokesch, BSc MA | Senior Project Manager Student & Career Center
Janine Prokesch, BSc MA Senior Project Manager +43 512 2070 - 1921