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In an environment of increasingly tight budgets for public universities, private and business sponsorships are gaining importance. Support MCI and become our partner!

MCI offers manifold opportunities for sponsors who seek to express their ties with our university, promote education and applied sciences and subsequently strengthen the local economy. Further information and the possibility to donate online can also be found at www.mci.edu/spenden.

Sponsors may contribute money as well as other assets such as valuables, securities, art, real estate or goods. We are inviting individuals, businesses, institutions and foundations to contact us to discuss individual opportunities.

Businesses, in particular, will find various opportunities with MCI to market their brand. We will be happy to develop a customized package in line with your target audience and promote your brand at one of our numerous events, such as our freshers Welcome, Open House events, academic ceremonies, Alumni weekends, congresses, panel discussions and field trips.

You can support us in the following areas:


Please contact us for a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

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About the deductibility of donations:

MCI is registered with the Federal Ministry of Finance as beneficiary of donations under the registration number FW 1831. Therefore, donations made to MCI by businesses are deductible as business expenses of up to 10% of the current year’s taxable income (before deduction of a tax-free allowance, where applicable). If this amount is exceeded, donations from business assets of up to 10% of the total taxable income (after setting-off of losses) can be claimed as special expenses. The current legal situation allows for financial donations from personal assets to be claimed as special expenses, provided that together with business expenses, where applicable, they do not exceed 10% of the total income (after setting-off of losses).

From 2018 onwards, donations are tax-deductible only if submitted to your tax office by the recipient organization. By providing your personal data, you allow the Management Center Innsbruck to submit your first and last name, your date of birth, your private address and the donation sum to your respective tax office. If you do not wish for your donation to be deducted, this information is obsolete.

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