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980 MCI graduates

Tuesday, 13. December 2016

The success story of the Entrepreneurial School® continues with 980 bachelor and master graduates with excellent job prospects in 2016 and 6,500 invited guests at the graduation ceremonies

Only a short time ago this year’s round of annual festive MCI graduation ceremonies took place in the sumptuous surroundings of the historically significant Dogana. In 2016, 980 graduates completed their bachelor and master studies at the Entrepreneurial School® and accepted their academic graduation certificates from the hands of the promoters and heads of department and studies. Both the MCI graduates of bachelor and master courses and further education courses were awarded.

6,500 invited guests

Around 6,500 guests from the worlds of economy, science, society, and politics honored the graduates. Amongst them was President of the Tyrolean Parliament Herwig van Staa, Tyrolean Minister of Science Bernhard Tilg, Mayor of Innsbruck Christine Oppitz-Plörer, President of the Tyrolean Economic Chamber Jürgen Bodenseer, and numerous other lawmakers and politicians. As special guest we were able to welcome Jerry Chomyn, Dean of the University of Guelph Humber, Toronto. This dynamic Canadian university is one of the oldest MCI partner universities.

High recognition by the labor market

Already during their studies, the students are introduced to the labor market by participating in practical projects, practice-oriented examination tasks, and internships. In addition, they are provided with the services of the MCI Career Center, including a job and internship exchange, workshops, and individual coaching. Brigitte Huter, Head of the MCI Career Center, states: “A key to a successful career lies in the careful selection of the internship. Both for the employee and the student, internships provide an ideal platform to get to know each other. Many graduates immediately take up employment with their previous internship providers.“

Excellent rankings

Solid preparation of MCI students for the labor market is confirmed by the results of the 2016 Universum Ranking, which again ranks MCI as the best university in Austria. First rank is achieved foremost on the basis of focus on employability and the services of the career center.

Academic grade of the MCI brand

In order to highlight the exceptional quality of their degrees in the international educational and academic markets, MCI graduates are permitted to complement their titles with the MCI brand.


Tyrolean Minister of Science Bernhard Tilg, PhD, chair of the MCI general assembly, is very pleased with the graduates: ”With the technology offensive the State of Tyrol has moved a step ahead internationally.” Mayor Christine Oppitz-Plörer adds: “We can no longer imagine the provincial capital without MCI. In Innsbruck, 50,000 individuals – i.e. one in three – are presently attending an educational institution. Innsbruck educational institutions have a great international reputation.” Rector Andreas Altmann can provide impressive details: “85 percent of MCI students successfully complete their studies. MCI can boast 9,000 alumni. By graduation, the average student has already received 2.1 job offers.” President of the Tyrolean Economic Chamber Jürgen Bodenseer, PhD has following encouraging words to say: “By leaving well-trodden paths and choosing your own path, you will generate innovation and business competitiveness.“

Feierliche MCI-Sponsionen vor ingesamt 6.500 Festgästen in der traditionsreichen Dogana des Congress Innsbruck.
Wissenschaftslandesrat Bernhard Tilg begrüßt Spondierende und Festgäste.
Wirtschaftskammerpräsident Jürgen Bodenseer
Innsbrucks Bürgermeisterin Christine Oppitz-Plörer
MCI-Rektor Andreas Altmann
Jerry Chomin, Dean der Partneruniversität Guelph-Humber in Toronto
Die Absolventen/-innen jubeln: Das herausfordernde Studium wird mit einem international anerkannten Abschlussdiplom belohnt.
Anita Zehrer, stv. Kollegiumsvorsitzende, und Studiengangsleiter Ralf Geymayer
Anita Zehrer, stv. Kollegiumsvorsitzende, und Studiengangsleiter Siegfried Walch
V.li.: MCI-Rektor Andreas Altmann, stv. Kollegiumsvorsitzende Anita Zehrer,
V.li.: MCI-Rektor Andreas Altmann, Studiengangsleiter Peter Mirski
MCI-Kollegiumsleiter Univ.-Prof. Franz Pegger (li.) und Studiengangsleiterin Katrin Bach
Susanne E. Herzog, Leiterin MCI Executive Education (li.)
V.li.: Studiengangsleiter Belachew Gebrewold (Soziale Arbeit),
V.li.: Studiengangsleiter Bernd Kirschner (International Business & Management),
V.li.: Studiengangsleiter Marco Rupprich (Umwelt-, Verfahrens- & Energietechnik),

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