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Research & Development

MCI is built on the concept of the Entrepreneurial School®. Based on its mission research at MCI is
  • applied
  • business-relevant
  • solution-oriented

At MCI research serves as an inspiration for our teaching as MCI faculty create state of the art knowledge and know-how to be passed on to the students. At the same time research at MCI serves as a basis for service to the community. With its expertise MCI faculty and researchers contribute to the technological, economic and societal development of its environment. MCI research strives to support regional, national and international partners in their innovation activities to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Here at MCI we link state of the art knowledge and technology to regional and national needs to help our partners meet their challenges with distinct research priorities in Management and Society and in Technology and Life Sciences.

Contact us for project collaborations, for master theses, for contract research. Challenge us with your problems! In the following you can find examples:

Client specific studies:
If your daily business is hampered, your innovation efforts stall or your efficiency slumps, MCI expertise could serve as partner to address your specific problems. Our customized studies and projects provide you with inspiration, ideas and solutions, often developed in close interaction with the fresh minds of our students.

These projects can provide the opportunity for you to address your problem from a different and novel perspective to help you solve the issue.

Research Collaboration
In our research collaboration with businesses and organizations we jointly follow the creation of new knowledge, the development of new products, services or processes and the dissemination of knowledge within the partners and beyond.

It is high importance for us that all partners involved a collaborative research endeavor benefit and hence create a win-win-situation. Often our collaborative research is facilitated and supported by national and international research funding through FFG, TTFP, InterReg, Euregio or the EU Commission.

Contract Research
MCI drives solution oriented projects together with national and international business partners. We provide knowledge and know-how transfer to support a powerful and sustainable society and to support the competitiveness of industry. Within the established research priorities our research staff works on numerous projects also on collaboration students.

As a partner you have access to our high-end infrastructure, to our academic expertise and to our industrial and business know-how. Additionally you have access to a broad pool of talent.

MCI provides different modes how businesses and institutions can support relevant research conducted at the Entrepreneurial School® for instance through:
  • sponsorships
  • donations
  • naming donations
➞ More information can be found here.

You can also support research at MCI by providing the endowment for research and teaching faculty. They constitute an excellent tool for advancing research and teaching at MCI that generally matter to the sponsors.

Various different cooperation models are available, dependent on the relevant areas and aims. More information can be found here. For detailed information and for individual plans that fit your needs please contact:

 bernd_ebersberger_mci  michael_kraxner_mci
FH-Prof. Dr. Bernd Ebersberger
+43 512 2070-1800
Management & Society
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
FH-Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner
+43 512 2070-3227
Technology & Life Sciences
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