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About us

As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI supports students, alumni, researchers and faculty in their entrepreneurial activities in order to actively shape the future:

  • Practical education in entrepreneurship
  • Individual guidance and support
  • Introduction to networks and opportunities


MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® offers a wide range of support options, including consultations, extra educational programs, the MCI Creativity Award, assistance with team formation, and the opportunity for strategic partnerships. Our goal is to support you on your entrepreneurial journey to success and provide valuable resources. Discover how we can help you realize your ideas and take your start-up to the next level.

Advice and Assistance

MCI serves as the primary hub for Entrepreneurship. As The Entrepreneurial School®, MCI supports Start-ups and encourages the development of Spin-Offs.

Educational Programs

Next to curricular Programs, the MCI also provides attractive extra-curricular Programs.

Founders Academy

Founders Academy

The Founders Academy is an interregional project that supports early-stage start-ups in preparing their entrepreneurial ideas to enter the market. A consortium of eight dedicated partners from Italy and Austria has developed a joint program to assist start-ups in successfully implementing their ideas through expert webinars, personalized coaching, application-oriented tools, and community support.

Digital badge Program

Digital Badge Certificate Program

MCI awards a digital certificate, known as a 'Digital Badge,' for entrepreneurial skills acquired alongside regular studies. These certificates not only provide numerous learning opportunities but also make competencies more visible to potential employers, project partners, and clients.

The Digital Badge in Entrepreneurship & Start-ups includes a series of seminars and activities designed to foster a profound understanding of entrepreneurial actions, develop business ideas, create a robust business plan, and gain practical insights into the operations and processes of start-ups.

Support Initiatives

MCI Creativity Award


The German Circle of Friends of Innsbruck Univiersities e.V. offers the Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer grant at MCI, which provides a unique opportunity for young individuals in Tyrol to pursue entrepreneurial projects. This support aims to realize innovative ideas and could represent a crucial step towards successful entrepreneurship.

MCI Creativity Award

MCI Creativity Award

Every year, the MCI Creativity Award is hosted, where students from all study programs (including incoming students) have the chance demonstrate their entrepreneurial ideas. A jury of independent experts from various fields evaluates all ideas and the best ideas are awarded prizes. In addition, special prizes will be awarded!

Find Co-Founders / Talents

Successful start-ups don't begin with just a great idea but, above all, with an even greater team. MCI connects Founders looking for like-minded individuals that support their visions and talented individuals who want to contribute to exciting projects.

Strategic Partnership

As The Entrepreneurial School®, we consider it our mission to actively contribute to supporting and promoting the creation and development process of start-ups. We firmly believe that successful collaborations form the foundation for sustainable growth and innovation. By fostering entrepreneurship, we not only contribute to regional value creation but also secure jobs, thereby strengthening the local economy.Therefore, we are open to inquiries regarding a strategic partnerships.

In addition to industry-specific expertise, MCI offers a strong network, co-working spaces, laboratories and experienced mentors, as well as the opportunity to participate in numerous events. Our goal is to work together on developing tailored solutions to help you achieve your entrepreneurial objectives and overcome challenges.



Currently, MCI is in strategic partnerships with the following companies:

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Here you will find inspiring success stories from established entrepreneurs, information about upcoming events, as well as current news and developments in the start-up ecosystem. In addition, we address frequently asked questions (FAQ) and provide a helpful explanation of start-up terminology in our glossary. We warmly invite you to explore these resources and benefit from the practical information contained within them.


In recent years, the start-up ecosystem in Tyrol has significantly evolved and is characterized by a clear trend towards promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. This transformation has been primarily driven by a variety of initiatives and organizations that have contributed to creating a conducive environment for emerging businesses. The ecosystem partners come with diverse competencies and offerings, aiming to enable synergistic effects. At MCI, we are happy to provide centralized information about regional offerings and connect you with relevant stakeholders as needed.

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Part of Startup.Tirol

Startup.Tirol brings together existing start-up initiatives in Tyrol to support entrepreneurs and start-ups on their journey and establish Tyrol as an attractive location for startups. You can find more information about the startup ecosystem at https://www.startup.tirol/.

News from the field of Entrepreneurship


There is an entrepreneur in each of us. We will help you to recognize your potential for it. If you have any questions regarding the founding of a business, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at entrepreneurship@mci.edu or phone: +43 512 2070 -1826. We offer coaching on various issues with internal and external experts.

The MCI offers a range of curricular and extracurricular programs. Take a look at how you can receive support or contact us at entrepreneurship@mci.edu or per phone +43 512 2070-1826.


Students from all degree programs (including incoming students) can submit ideas for the Creativity Award. The Creativity Award takes place every year in April (submissions are accepted from January to March). If you would like to know more about it, please contact creativity@mci.edu or phone: +43 512 2070 -1821

Digital Badges are badges in digital format that identify skills acquired extracurricular to formal studies. These digital certificates can be shared via social media and make competences more visible to potential employers, project partners and clients.

The MCI offers a special badges for the field of entrepreneurship:

Students of all MCI programs can acquire MCI badges during their studies (extra-curricular i.e. in addition to their regular studies, without ECTS) at the Entrepreneurial School®. Once you have met all the requirements and proven your abilities, you will receive your digital badge. Students can select badges according to their preferences, interests and personal career plans and thus design individual career portfolios for their future. In addition, students acquire digital skills and personal responsibility for lifelong learning.

The registration period runs from 1st September to 15th October (limited contingent) - click here to register! Within one year, the students go through a series of mandatory and elective seminars, workshops, courses and learning experiences. Upon successful completion, they receive a digital badge in the respective subject field.


Are you a mentor or investor looking to actively shape the future of a young, aspiring company? As a mentor, you share your knowledge and experience with aspiring founders. As an investor, you have the opportunity to invest in promising start-ups and support innovative ideas. We invite interested mentors and investors to join us in co-creating the next success stories in the field of entrepreneurship.