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Short Facts

The Entrepreneurial School® offers the following services in the field of Entrepreneurship & Startup:

  • Events & business plan competitions
  • Consulting & Support
  • Extra-curricular further education courses
  • Access to the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem and network building
  • Research activities & projects
  • Business startups & spin-offs

Entrepreneurship competence

As the Entrepreneurial School®, the MCI is the first point of contact for numerous entrepreneurs and company founders for all questions concerning entrepreneurship. The MCI offers ideal conditions for promoting entrepreneurial spirit, supporting experienced entrepreneurs with advice and assistance, and accompanying company founders on their way to becoming entrepreneurs.

As The Entrepreneurial School®, the MCI supports students, graduates and partner organizations in their entrepreneurial activities and promotes the development of the skills required by successful entrepreneurs.

MCI aims to provide comprehensive teaching of entrepreneurial skills. Accordingly, curricula are supplemented with practical projects, international study trips, company excursions, symposia, workshops and boot camps. In addition, the MCI offers a range of cross-study services, such as numerous lecture and discussion events that facilitates entrepreneurship topics and sensitize students to specific issues, business plan competitions, individual consulting & coaching in the field of startup and spin-off, continuing education programs, networking in the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem, and, last but not least, research projects in the field of entrepreneurship and startups.

Head of Research, Development & Entrepreneurship
Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner | Head of Research & Development R & D
Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner Head of Research & Development +43 512 2070 - 1800
 Benjamin Suitner, BA MA | Corporate Investment Management, Startups & Entrepreneurship R & D
Benjamin Suitner, BA MA Corporate Investment Management, Startups & Entrepreneurship +43 512 2070 - 1826

If you have questions regarding entrepreneurship or Startups, contact us:


Services at a glance

MCI offers a range of cross-study services:


Study programs

MCI’s study programs (Bachelor, Master, MBA, PhD) comprise a diverse and vast number of curricular modules, courses and seminars within the scope of entrepreneurship. In addition, our international students can also avail of a selection of summer and winter schools geared towards current topics such as digital entrepreneurship, innovation & start-up, and digital business models etc.

In particular, two Master programs are specifically dedicated to Entrepreneurship:

Success Stories

Through efficient support, supervision and mentoring, MCI has helped students, graduates and employees develop their innovative business ideas thus resulting in the founding of multiple start-ups and spin-offs in recent years.

Research activities

Research at the MCI is solution-oriented and positions itself at the interface between theory and practice. In the field of entrepreneurship, the MCI is distinguished by the following main fields of research:

  • Entrepreneurship Education: focuses on the development of entrepreneurial skills in higher education
  • Family businesses Management: including competencies in the scope of succession management, entrepreneurial behavior, employer branding, organizational development, and family entrepreneurship
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing: Skills in this area include innovation management and ecosystem; entrepreneurship & business development; marketing, communication and digital analysis; behavioural finance & decision making

Additionally, MCI works directly with various companies and organizations to find solutions for national and international customers and their problems (process optimization, innovation development, efficiency improvement, prototyping, etc.).


To date, the MCI has successfully carried out various research projects in the field of entrepreneurship. A selection of these can be found here.

PIETE Erasmus+ (2018-2021)

The PIETE Erasmus+ project was launched last year as a follow-up to the TripleE Erasmus+ project and focuses on strengthening entrepreneurial skills in teacher education. The consortium, consisting of Univations - Institute for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (project management), the Academy of Technology and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała, the University of Economics Katowice, the University of Szeged in Hungary, the renowned University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) in Amsterdam, as well as the University of Education Tyrol and the MCI, promotes in regional tandem constellations the entrepreneurial competence development of educators.

WTZ – Nationale Initiative (2019-2022)

In the course of the national initiative WTZ – knowledge transfer centres have been established throughout Austria. MCI is part of the Knowledge Transfer Centre West (WTZ), and involved in the cooperation plan ‘economy and society’, where, together with the Medical University of Innsbruck, an Entrepreneurship online course consisting of micro-lecture series for students, graduates and young researchers will be developed. Furthermore, MCI is also involved in the ‘MINT region West’ cooperation plan, where the goal of inspiring pupils to engage in disciplines such as mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology is at the fore.

Triple-E Erasmus+ (2016-2018)

In the course of the latest Erasmus+ Project TripleE – Embedding Entrepreneurship Education, MCI developed an entrepreneurship teaching toolkit (Download) with 23 theoretical and practical modules to support innovative thinking and foster the development of entrepreneurial skills among students stemming from various disciplines and study programs. All modules can be combined in a flexible way to complement existing courses or to develop new ones. The toolkit further provides suggestions for three different courses and target groups (basic course, advanced course, social entrepreneurship course).

Other activities

Further exciting activities around the topic of entrepreneurship

In 2019, the IECER Entrepreneurship Conference was held at MCI. This interdisciplinary conference is an annual international conference that addresses topics in the field of entrepreneurship research and brings together participants from the academic, business and political spheres.

On a regular basis, MCI organizes Distinguished Guest Lectures where entrepreneurs, CEOs, start-ups from all over the world are invited to share their experiences. In line with the “Third Mission” of universities, the distinguished guest lectures provide new impulses and strengthen the exchange of knowledge and experience between business and academia.


There is an entrepreneur in each of us. We will help you to recognize your potential for it. If you have any questions regarding the founding of a business, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at entrepreneurship@mci.edu or phone: +43 512 2070 -1824. We offer coaching on various issues with internal and external experts.

The MCI offers a range of curricular and extracurricular programs. Take a look at our services or contact us at entrepreneurship@mci.edu or per phone +43 512 2070-1824

Students from all degree programs (including incoming students) can submit ideas for the Creativity Award. The Creativity Award takes place every year in April (submissions are accepted from January to March). If you would like to know more about it, please contact creativity@mci.edu or phone: +43 512 2070 -1821

Digital Badges are badges in digital format that identify skills acquired extracurricular to formal studies. These digital certificates can be shared via social media and make competences more visible to potential employers, project partners and clients. The MCI offers two badges in the field of entrepreneurship:

Students of all MCI programs can acquire MCI badges during their studies (extra-curricular i.e. in addition to their regular studies, without ECTS) at the Entrepreneurial School®. Once you have met all the requirements and proven your abilities, you will receive your digital badge. Students can select badges according to their preferences, interests and personal career plans and thus design individual career portfolios for their future. In addition, students acquire digital skills and personal responsibility for lifelong learning.

The registration period runs from 1st September to 15th October (limited contingent) - click here to register! Within one year, the students go through a series of mandatory and elective seminars, workshops, courses and learning experiences. Upon successful completion, they receive a digital badge in the respective subject field.