Coaching and Mentoring

AT MCI, a process has been implemented that specifies the procedure for mentoring with students and/or staff. As a rule, mentoring focuses on learning practical and relevant business practices that place diverse demands on the future founders, especially for innovation-driven companies. Given the diversity of the founders and their entrepreneurial ideas, there was a requirement that this process should allow space for mentoring on an individual basis. At the same time, however, care was taken to ensure that the process is practical, replicable, and measurable to develop it into a valid instrument for the Entrepreneurial School®. In this regard, the mentoring process at MCI is structured as follows:"

Coaching- and Mentoringprocess

Coaching und Mentoringprozess

Interested parties register independently and apply for the mentoring program.

An external platform is used for the registration and handling of the startup cases. This platform enables a definable registration process, monitoring and communication with the startups, as well as the assignment of possible mentors and experts. Through this low-threshold approach, many startup projects can be identified that might otherwise not have become visible to the university

After admission, a target agreement (milestoneplan) is drawn up together with the team. This is the prerequisite for the use of cooperation.

A target agreement ensures that the applicants think carefully about the support they need. this makes the mentoring process much more efficient because both parties can focus on the agreed milestones and exclude the irrelevant. In particular, this ensures that external mentors can be sought and deployed in a targeted manner. The applicants are supported by MCI during the two-week phase of working out the target agreement.

After the target agreement has been approved, mentoring begins in the coworking space. Targeted work is done on the business model and pitch.

If the target agreement is accepted, the participants will be given access to the 6-month mentoring and coaching program, as well as access to the MCI's coworking space. The basis for the collaboration is the target agreement. The goal is to have created at least a pre-evaluated business model and a finished pitch after the 6 months. Nevertheless, the mentoring is individually adaptable through the target agreement and can also be used in later phases of the startup. Each month the progress of the participants will be evaluated to ensure that they are committed to the program.

At the end of the limited program, each startup presents the results or status quo according to the target agreement.

At the end of the mentoring and coaching process, participants present their progress toward the target agreement. Suitable teams are then given the opportunity to pitch to a group of investors invited by MCI.

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