In the context of the German Friends Circle of the Innsbruck Universities e.V., Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer offers support at MCI, providing a unique opportunity for assisting entrepreneurial projects of young individuals in Tyrol. This support aims to realize innovative ideas and could represent a crucial step towards successful entrepreneurship.


Following his studies in Frankfurt am Main and Innsbruck, culminating in a doctoral degree under Prof. Dr. Clemens August Andreae, Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer has made enduring contributions through a multifaceted career as a manager, entrepreneur, investor, author, honorary senator, and member of the German Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Universities in Innsbruck e.V. Over the years, he has been instrumental in driving progress, supporting individuals, shaping organizations, and fostering innovation. Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer firmly believes that successful endeavors require not only motivation, courage, enthusiasm, perseverance, and a readiness for risk-taking, but most importantly, opportunities.


Support Program

Given this context and acknowledging the opportunities presented to him during his time studying in Innsbruck, the ‘Senator h.c. Dr. Martin Steinmeyer Grant” was established at MCI within the framework of the German Friends of Innsbruck Universities e.V. aimed at fostering entrepreneurial endeavours among  young individuals in Tyrol.


Eligible for funding

Concrete projects with the aim

  • to explore opportunities and realize potential
  • to demonstrate relevance for the Tyrol as a business location,
  • to contribute to university activities in research, development, teaching or further education and/or to facilitate a connection between research, innovation and usability,
  • of implementing an innovative entrepreneurial concept, promising a particular social benefit or otherwise demonstrating a university connection that creates value,
  • to have the potential for long-term self-sustainability,
  • thatcannot be realized without financial support.



Generally, funding requests should not surpass EUR 10,000.00 (with the possibility of higher amounts in exceptionally justified cases). Funding is ideally granted in the form of a non-repayable grant in addition to the applicant's own contributions or resources provided by third parties.

In individual cases, additional commitments and/or participation by the university under company law are possible, provided this is beneficial to the project in question.



The projects will be selected by a qualified jury. The successful applicants will be honored at the DFK Annual Meeting.

Individuals under the age of 35 who have a distinctive affiliation with the MCI (such as enrollment, ongoing education, alumni status, collaborations, etc.).

The application must include the following documents:

  • Objective and description of the project
  • Participating persons or institutions (incl. curriculum vitae, extract from the company register, etc.)
  • Relevance for the Tyrol location
  • Financing plan
  • Justification of the requested funding amount
  • Implementation schedule and next steps
  • Relationship to the MCI (e.g. studies, further education, alumni, collaboration ...)


We look forward to receiving your application!

  • Deadline: June 1st, 2024
  • Award ceremony: October 18th, 2024
  • Maximum funding amount per project: 10.000€

Apply now

 Benjamin Suitner, BA MA | Corporate Investment Management, Startups & Entrepreneurship Research & Development
Benjamin Suitner, BA MA Corporate Investment Management, Startups & Entrepreneurship +43 512 2070 - 1826

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