Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Innovation Management & Ecosystems

  • Corporate innovation processes & innovation ecosystems
  • Future-oriented methods of innovation management
  • Business model innovation
  • Strategic innovation patterns & performance of innovation systems
  • Support programs & instruments of public technology & innovation policy

Entrepreneurship & Business Development

  • Entrepreneurial behavior & decision making
  • Startups & Ecosystems
  • Platform business & digital business models
  • Business model transformation & organizational development
  • Entrepreneurial finance

Marketing, Communication & Digital Analytics

  • Brand management, advertising impact & consumer behavior
  • Mobile, social & e-commerce
  • Online marketing, social media marketing & influencer marketing
  • Digital business models & e-sports
  • Big data: digital analytics, social media analytics, mobile analytics

Behavioral Finance & Decision Making

  • Analyzing individual and organizational decision making
  • Identifying and structuring of objectives
  • Strategies to correct possible biases in decision-making behavior
  • Analytics of business decision processes
  • Analyzing individual decisions and their aggregate implications on financial markets
  • Critical evaluation of financial market regulations
Bernd Kirschner
Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd Kirschner Head of Department & Studies

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