Applied research at MCI Tourism deals with economic problems and questions in the context of (family) businesses, destinations and regions with a special focus on Alpine tourism. Based on the three levels of consideration, business, destination and region, detailed research topics can be defined in terms of cross-sectional fields.


Destination & Innovation

What are the key success factors for the competitiveness of a destination? How can the success of destinations be measured?

Tourism & regional development

What is meant by sustainable tourism and regional development? Which common challenges and opportunities connect living and recreational areas?

Entrepreneurship & Family Business

What are the greatest challenges for family businesses in tourism in the future? What is the optimal business handover process?

Consumer behavior & Future Trends

What will tomorrow's guests look like? Which trends significantly influence the demand behavior of guests?

Mountain & Winter Sports

What is the importance of winter sports in the alpine region? What are the biggest challenges for the future of winter sports?

Hubert J. Siller
Prof. Mag. Hubert J. Siller Head of Department & Studies

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