Food Science & Biotechnology

Innovations from the fields of food technology, biotechnology, functional & convenience foods and bioengineering will have a decisive impact on future viability. The growing demand in this area offers the opportunity to expand research activities in a targeted manner. The central topic here is the solution of current questions that arise along the value chain, from the production of plant raw materials and algae to technological utilization and product characterization. Novel approaches from engineering and natural sciences are used.

Katrin Bach
FH-Prof. Dr. Katrin Bach Head of Department & Studies +43 512 2070 - 3800

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Agricultural Raw Materials & Algae Biotechnology

Social awareness of agricultural production methods is increasing. The focus is on approaches that combine traditional agriculture with changing consumer demands. Microalgae are gaining increasing interest as producers of proteins and fatty acids. Together with their diverse secondary metabolites, they offer great potential for applications in the life science sector.

Molecular Biotechnology & Bioengineering

For the use of biotechnological processes, both the molecular recording of the individual reactions, their endogenous optimization, cultivation and the influence of exogenous factors such as light are of importance. In this research area, molecular biological methods are combined with novel technologies to better understand and optimize biological processes.

Food Production & Product Analysis

In food production, the potential and challenges of new production technologies, such as 3D food printing, are considered. The description of the food in terms of its functions is a valuable tool in product development and quality control. The focus of the research activities is the characterization of texture, rheology and ingredients

Research Areas at a glance

Research Areas at a glance

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