Strategy Mergers & Acquisitions Research Lab

The SMA Research Lab - Research and Practice for Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions was founded as a cooperation of the University of Innsbruck (represented by the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism) and the MCI Management Center Innsbruck (represented by the Department of Management & Law).

Main aim of the SMA Research Lab is to generate impactful contributions to the scientific community and knowledge transfer through projects, studies and publications. Research at the the SMA Research Lab seeks for a deeper understanding of the phenomena to support businesses with their strategic challenges.

The strategic aim of the SMA Research Lab is to become the Europe-wide number one know-how provider for science and management practice in the field of M&A. Our vision is supported by our academic output in terms of top-tier publications, conferences, editorships, and research collaboration. Our managerial impact derives from cooperation with firms, M&A associations, our expert panel, consulting firms, and others.


Daniel Degischer
Mag. Daniel Degischer Lecturer +43 512 2070 - 3623
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