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CarbonCompetence GmbH

CarbonCompetence GmbH – follow-up project testifies to quality

CarbonCompetence GmbH is a high-tech company with 8 employees based in Wattens. Diamant 4.0® coating systems are developed and tailor-made for customers. Under consideration of Industry 4.0 concepts, and in close cooperation with customers, new developments in innovative process management of the coating are transferred.

Within the framework of a research project supported by the Tyrolean Innovation Promotion Agency, with the MCI as research partner and Maschinenbau Grissemann GmbH as the second company partner, a concept for the development and optimization of the diamond 4.0® coating process for industrial applications in the field of machining / lightweight construction, electric motors/mobility and biomedicine was developed. Within the scope of the project, various goals were pursued. Among others, a simulation model was developed to calculate the gas dynamics in the coating process and to optimize the process parameters. Based on these simulation results, prototypes were manufactured and tested in new processes, thus enabling a scaling for industrial applications. The project was successfully completed after a period of approximately 18 months. Based on the results, a follow-up project is now to be carried out.

Doris Steinmüller-Nethl, CarbonCompetence GmbH: “As a company with more than 20 years’ experience in the research field, we are convinced of the quality of the Entrepreneurial School® as a research partner. Innovative results have been achieved together, which we want to further expand in the follow-up project. In cooperation with our company project partner and other Tyrolean companies, we plan a completely new generation of systems - with the aim of strengthening the business location and continuing to be able to supply our customers with innovative technologies.”

Diamond meets industry 4.0

Diamond meets industry 4.0: Diamant 4.0® coating systems with fully automated process technology. Foto: Carbon Competence, Vorhofer.