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Experience Fellow

The MCI Tourism engaged in a mobile application to improve services in 2008 as part of a project that was supported by the Tyrolean Science Fund. In 2011, an EU-funded project on “Service Design in Tourism” followed.

Together with seven European partners, work was carried out to develop a prototype for mobile ethnography and also to implement a customer-centered approach to improving services in tourism. In the course of the project, the prototype "myServiceFellow" was tested and further developed in seven European tourism regions. In August 2012, as the conclusion of the EU project, the first conference for service design in tourism took place at the MCI, at which an e-case study book was also presented.

The following year, an academic spin-off developed from this project. Former project manager Marc Stickdorn founded ExperienceFellow, which today offers software for entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries under the umbrella of More than Metrics Service Design. Marc developed the method of mobile ethnography as part of his dissertation at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. ExperienceFellow customers not only include tourism companies, but service providers of all kinds. The portfolio ranges from public services, banks, the health sector, the food industry, the consumer goods industry, but also universities. In addition to the topic of customer experience, use in the area of employee experience is becoming increasingly important.

“Mobile ethnography enables researchers and entrepreneurs to gain deep insights into the experiences of customers, employees or citizens in real time. Our software ExperienceFellow now enables companies and universities worldwide to use mobile ethnography.” Marc Stickdorn, CEO and Founder, More than Metrics GmbH

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