Success Stories

Holo-Light GmbH

Holo-Light GmbH - „Mouse of the future“

The MCI was instrumental in the development of the technology company Holo-Light GmbH. The so-called "holo-stylus" is a high-tech product that revolutionizes interaction and creation in virtual space, not least because of its incomparable level of precision.

The input device is characterized by precise interaction and creation options as well as by generally intuitive handling in order to note and mark digital content in a targeted manner, thereby allowing a strong expansion of the scope of action in the area of AR (Augmented Reality).

The Holo-Stylus is sold in combination with a software development kit to make the best possible use of the input device's potential.

Philipp Landgraf (Head of Development, Holo-Light GmbH) explains that for the first time, the technology used also makes AR applications possible for areas that were previously not possible, including use in training and surgery. He highlights the precision of the Holo-Stylus input tool, which contributes to the USP of the product.

The MCI was involved in the development of this precision, above all Gerald Streng.