WTZ West – E-Lecture series on entrepreneurship

The successful transfer of scientific research knowledge, know-how and technological developments into the economy is of increasing importance for the Austrian university background. Technology-oriented and knowledge-based spin-offs play an important role here, but at the same time also require a certain degree of entrepreneurial skill.

The e-lecture series on entrepreneurship ties in here and was produced as part of the Knowledge Transfer Center West by the MCI in cooperation with the Medical University of Innsbruck with the aim of giving scientists an overview of the subject of technology transfer and entrepreneurship and making them familiar with it.

The series consists of four English-language online modules, each composed of six micro units. While the three modules "Entrepreneurship", "Business Model" and "Intellectual Property" are devoted to general topics, the module "Regulatory Requirement for Medical Devices" examines the challenge for spin-offs in the field of medical technology.

The joint project was a great success and paved the way for further and advanced courses at the interface of entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

Univ.-Prof.in Christine Bandtlow, Executive Vice President for Research and International Affairs, Medical University Innsbruck: „The entrepreneurship online course offers an appealing insight into the subjects of technology transfer and entrepreneurship for students and researchers at the Medical University of Innsbruck. The Medical University of Innsbruck is delighted with this very successful cooperation with the Management Center Innsbruck.



E-Lecture Series Entrepreneurship playvideo
E-Lecture Series Entrepreneurship
E-Lecture Series Intellectual Property (IP) playvideo

E-Lecture Series Intellectual Property (IP)