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Short Facts

Academic Degree:Master of Science in Engineering / MSc or M.Sc.
Use of the academic degree in combination with the brand "MCI" approved

Duration:4 semesters incl. Master thesis and final exams
Prerequisites:Bachelor or equivalent degree in the fields of engineering/engineering science or natural sciences with a minimum of 75 relevant ECTS points
Next start:Fall 2017

Research & Development


Dealing with electronic components and designing PCB’s are standard skills in industry. Building new systems out of systems of integrated circuits is a new challenging task, while dealing with energy efficiency, usability and reliability. The design of embedded systems will come more and more into the focus of standard industrial applications.

Fluids & Mechanics

The competences acquired in the last few years in the disciplines structural mechanics, particle technology and fluid mechanics have been pooled together in the cluster Fluids & Mechanics. The unique strengths of MCI are the interdisciplinary approaches and varied comprehensive methods such as the experimental verification of simulations or the application of control engineering concepts in mechanical systems. Nonetheless, it is of prevailing importance to find the most appropriate solution for the respective problem with regard on the general requirements.

Overview research fields at MCI