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 Application Deadline: November 13, 2022

Short Facts
  • Time model & language: Full-time | English
  • Duration of study: 6 semesters | 180 ECTS
  • Prerequisites: University entrance qualification or relevant professional qualification with additional exams
  • Optional double degree at a partner university in Finland
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business | BA or B.A.
  • Tuition fee: EUR 363,36 / semester plus membership fee for the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) for EU and EEA citizens
  • Application for potential remaining study places (start of studies in 2022) is still possible. Please contact us in this regard.

Before studying

As a commencing student you may have many questions: What does the desired course of studies teach me? How do I apply? What are the requirements for admission to studying at MCI, and what is the application deadline? What are my career options after graduation? Below you will find all the answers and information you may need.


3 students outdoors in a discussion

Students from across the globe seize this study program as an academic entry point to an international career as well as to obtaining the required foundation to complete a respective Master’s program.

The international focus of the MCI Bachelor’s program in Business & Management, held entirely in English, makes this program unique. It attracts students from all over the world interested in an international career.

Students in this high-level, innovative, and practice-oriented course are given the opportunity to acquire advanced management knowledge, while at the same time developing a range of flexible approaches and methodological competencies. In addition to providing a solid foundation for a professional career, the focus of the course is on applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems. Students are encouraged to develop additional competencies to benefit their future professional careers, including teamwork and communication skills.

While the first few semesters provide the basics, advanced courses include simulation games, a bachelor thesis, and a practice lab, enabling students to cooperate with industrial partners in solving practical problems and applying previously acquired theoretical knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöckl | Deputy Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Business & Management
Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöckl Deputy Head of Department & Studies

If you have any questions about the study program, please contact us.

Consultancy situation between MCI lecturer and a future student


Applications for admission are accepted on an ongoing basis via our online application platform. In the sense of your personal further planning, we recommend that you submit your application early.

Applicants are welcome to apply for multiple programs of study, as long as a plausible rationale is given.

Entrance Exam Interview
Date 1 13, Nov 2022 28 - 30, Nov 2022 05 - 06, Dec 2022
Date 2 29, Jan 2023 13 - 15, Feb 2023 20 - 22, Feb 2023
Date 3 26, Mar 2023 10 - 12, Apr 2023 17 - 19, Apr 2023
Date 4 28, May 2023 12 - 14, Jun 2023 19 - 21, Jun 2023


*Additional exams are to be taken only by those applicants who do not have a university entrance qualification. For details see prerequisites.

Detailed information (procedure, dates, etc.) will be provided to applicants in time.

An application as early as possible is recommended.

Generally, admission to the program is available to the following persons:

  • Individuals with a university entrance qualification for a social, business or legal sciences study program (e.g. school-leaving exam, appropriate university entrance equivalency exam etc.)
  • Individuals without a university entrance qualification, but with relevant professional qualification, provided that one of the following requirements is fulfilled:
    • school-leaving certificate from a relevant vocational secondary school
    • completion of a dual education course with a relevant apprenticeship

Persons without a university entrance qualification but with relevant vocational qualifications must additionally sit entrance exams in English (Level II) and Mathematics (Level I). The level of the exams corresponds to that of a non-school university entrance qualification in natural sciences.

Persons in their last year at school wishing to apply for a place on the program before taking their final exams must include their most current school report with their application. Successful applicants must subsequently submit their school-leaving examination certificate before the start of the first semester.

Places are allocated on the basis of the following criteria:

Career background & motivation - 30%
Particular attention is paid to educational background and qualifications, any professional career, further training, etc. Special consideration is given to motivation and study and career goals.

Online admission test - 20%
The online admission test consists of questions on deductive thinking, numerical abilities, English language skills, as well as a study-related personality profile.

Multiple Applications: The admission test applies to all business-related studies and has only to be taken once.

Online admission interview - 50%
The interview gives applicants the opportunity to present themselves personally, to expand on the information provided in the application and to explain their academic and professional goals.

Applicants will be informed of the admission decision as soon as possible. Applicants who cannot be admitted due to limited places will be put on a waiting list and - if they are still interested - may be admitted if a place becomes available.

Diverse students in a bright, modern seminar room

While studying

MCI study programs stand out due to the quality of their content, relevance to the business world, and their international orientation. The close cooperation with partners from industry and integrative internships enable students to gain practical experience as early as in their Bachelor’s studies. In addition to providing expert knowledge, MCI places great importance on encouraging personal development and the development of social and intercultural competencies.

Business & Management


Time model & language
Full-time | English
Academic year
Winter semester: October – February
Summer semester: March – July
1st – 4th semester: Fundamentals and Practice lab
5th semester: Mandatory international semester abroad
6th semester: Integrative internship, Bachelor thesis & final exam
Tuition fees
For students from EU & EEA countries: EUR 363,36 / semester plus membership fee to the Austrian Student Union (ÖH). Details & information for students from third countries can be found at admission.

Module overview

Business administration 47%
Economics, law & society 9%
Social & communicative skills 7%
Scientific methodical competencies 18%
Interdisciplinary competencies 19%


  1 2 3 4 5 6
Fundamentals of Management            
Principles of Management 3 | 3          
Introduction to Accounting 3 | 3          
Introduction to Marketing 1 | 1          
Introduction to Organizational Design 1 | 2          
Fundamentals of Management - Exercise I   2 | 2        
Fundamentals of Management - Exercise II     2 | 2      
Fundamentals of Management - Exercise III       2 | 2    
Corporate Strategy            
Strategic Planning   2 | 2        
Strategy Implementation     2 | 2      
Supply Chain Management     2 | 2      
Entrepreneurship & Innovation            
Innovation Management       2 | 2,5    
Entrepreneurship     2 | 2      
International Management         3 | 6  
Leadership         2 | 4  
Accounting, Controlling, Finance            
Financial Statement & Analysis    2 | 2,5        
Managerial Accounting    2 | 2,5        
Controlling & Performance Management      2 | 2,5      
Corporate Finance      2 | 4      
Financial & Risk Management            
Risk Management        1 | 1,5    
Turnaround Management        1 | 1,5    
Financial Management          2 | 4  
Principles of Human Resource Management            
Human Resource Management I    2 | 2        
Human Resource Management II      2 | 2      
Organization & Change            
Organizational Development        1 | 1    
Change Management        2 | 2    
Current Topics in HR- & Change Management          2 | 4  
Fundamentals of Marketing            
Buyer & Consumer Behavior    1 | 1        
Management of Goods & Services    2 | 3        
Marketing Strategy      1 | 1      
Brand Management      1 | 1      
Marketing Communication I      1 | 1,5      
Marketing & Sales            
Marketing Communication II        1 | 1,5    
Management of Distribution & Sales        1 | 1,5    
Price Management        1 | 1,5    
International Marketing          3 | 6  
Project, Process & Quality Management            
Project Management  1 | 1,5          
Process Management  2 | 3          
Quality Management    2 | 2,5        

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Fundamentals of Economics & Law            
Microeconomics 2 | 3          
Principles of Business Law I 2 | 2,5          
Principles of Business Law II    2 | 2,5        
Macroeconomics    2 | 3        
Economics & Law            
EU Law & International Legal Systems      2 | 2      
Current Topics of Economics        1 | 1,5    
Society & Business            
Societal & Historical Contexts  1 | 1,5          
Societal & Cultural Contexts    1 | 1,5        

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Team & Communication            
Team Training 1 | 1          
Presentation 1 | 1,5          
Business Communication    1 | 1,5        
Social Skills    1 | 1,5        
Negotiation & Communication            
Meeting Facilitation      1 | 1,5      
Negotiation & Conflict      2 | 2      
Cultural Training     1 | 1      

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Scientific Methods & Problem Solving I            
Principles of Academic Work 1 | 2          
Academic Writing 1 | 1,5          
Introduction to Mathematical & Statistical Methods 1 | 1,5          
Probability Theory & Descriptive Statistics 1 | 2          
Inductive Statistics & Multivariate Statistical Methods   1 | 1        
Qualitative Methods of Empirical Research   1 | 1,5        
Scientific Methods & Problem Solving II            
Quantitative Methods of Empirical Research     1 | 1,5      
Project Assignment     1 | 2      
Business Research       2 | 2    
Scientific Method & Problem Solving III            
Research Coaching           2 | 2
Bachelor Thesis            2 | 12
Bachelor Exam           0 | 1

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Integrative Synopsis            
Practice Lab        5 | 5    
Integrative Revision        3 | 4,5    
Current Developments in Business          3 | 6  
Integrative Internship            
Integrative Internship            0 | 15

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits


The Bachelor’s program Business & Management is a full-time degree program. In full-time studies, lectures and seminars are held on weekdays, with blocked units allowing for an intensive immersion into individual topics.

The classes usually take place from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:15 and / or from 13:30 to 16:45. In exceptional cases, the times may vary and the lessons and / or examinations may take place outside the specified times or possibly on Saturdays.

The Bachelor program Business & Management offers the option of a double degree. Interested students can gain a Bachelor degree from HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki / Finland in addition to the degree awarded by MCI.

Graduates of the program are conferred the academic title of Bachelor of Arts in Business, in short BA or B.A. This is attested by a leaving certificate, the Bachelor diploma, the international diploma supplement, and further documents where relevant. MCI Alumni are entitled to combine their academic degree with the brand “MCI” to provide trust and orientation in an increasingly intransparent international education market. Example: BSc (MCI). 
Source: GZ BMWF-52.330/0195-I/6/2013

Learning Goals

In order to ensure the transfer of learning and to enable students to develop relevant competencies, MCI has defined clear cross-curricular learning goals. These describe, in detail, the knowledge and skills acquired by our graduates on completion of their studies at MCI.

Stylized globe of white grid lines on an orange circle symbolizes basic business knowledge and skills in general management

Our graduates have fundamental knowledge and skills in management science.

Our students can explain and apply current concepts and theories in management science.

Three white gear wheels on an orange circle symbolize basic knowledge and skills for scientific work

Our graduates have basic knowledge and skills in scientific methodology.

Our students can apply relevant theories and appropriate scientific methods in real-world contexts.

Symbol of a white labyrinth on an orange circle shows adequate problem-solving skills

Our graduates have relevant problem-solving skills.

Our students can make active use of critical thinking skills in analogue or digital contexts.

Our students can approach problems responsibly considering ethical issues.

Three stylized persons in white on an orange circle, arrows between the persons symbolize effective communication

Our graduates have effective communication skills.

Our students can communicate effectively in analogue contexts.

Our students can communicate effectively in digital contexts.

Learning Goals Business & Management

Upon graduation our students will have the management competencies to bridge theoretical business knowledge and practical challenges.

Our students connect and apply basic management knowledge with current issues in their business environment.

Studying abroad

One of the most essential components of MCI study programs is their international orientation. This is reflected not only in the curriculum and assigned projects, but also in the backgrounds of our faculty and students. The program also includes a mandatory semester abroad at one of MCI’s many partner institutions for students. During the semester abroad, students have the possibility to specialize in different fields of business.
Moreover, the Bachelor program Business & Management offers the option to complete a double degree in cooperation with HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


At MCI, each program of study requires students to complete an integrative internship of at least 13 weeks at a national or international company. Students receive support from the respective department in organizing this internship and are supervised in coordination with the company.

Young smiling business man standing in front of a group in the background, blurred, in a bright surrounding

Our department and the MCI Career Center regularly provide up-to-date information about internship positions and the situation on the labor market in general.

As part of practice-oriented projects, students are provided with the opportunity to work with local and international businesses. This allows them to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge in practice and in collaboration with the project team. Their theoretical knowledge is further deepened by a mandatory internship of several weeks duration.

Veronika Keuschnigg, BA; Graduate of the study program Business & Management, Austria

I have chosen the study program Business & Management because international relations are getting more and more important in business life. This program provides the education I seek for taught in the language that is most important to an internationally active company.

Veronika Keuschnigg, BA; Graduate of the study program Business & Management, Austria

Dr. Tobias Anslinger; Chefredakteur des Magazins BIP – Best in Procurement, Germany

Developing organizations means developing and empowering people. To experience the dynamics in organizations, to experience and interpret their cultures, their written and unwritten rules, but above all to be able to deal with them in a positive way is a skill that is still seen by many as a "soft skill" - but in reality it is one of the most decisive skills in professional life. I would like to convey this message in my courses on the topics of organizational and personnel development as well as change management, while passing on as much of my own experience from different companies as possible.

Dr. Tobias Anslinger; Chefredakteur des Magazins BIP – Best in Procurement, Germany

Mag. Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger, LL.M.; Lawyer and Partner at Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners, Austria

As a lawyer and partner at Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners in Innsbruck, I deal with interesting and complex legal cases on a daily basis. I enjoy teaching my students about the legal framework of the business world and bringing legal provisions to life by telling the students about exciting cases I have handled.

Mag. Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger, LL.M.; Lawyer and Partner at Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners, Austria

Erika Wernolf, BA; Graduate of the study program Business & Management, currently a double degree Master student in Portugal and Japan, Sweden

During my bachelor in Business & Management at MCI, I received great insights into the business world while studying in a beautiful environment. I chose the university because it offers a mix between theory and practice, giving the students an opportunity to do one semester abroad as well as an international internship.

Erika Wernolf, BA; Graduate of the study program Business & Management, currently a double degree Master student in Portugal and Japan, Sweden

Donald L Sparks, PhD; Emeritus Professor of International Economics, The Citadel, Director, Charleston Council for International Visitors, President, SC Chapter of the Fulbright Association, USA

Until the change of administrations, I was a consultant for the US Department of State's Office of Economic Analysis in Washington, DC. The important global economic issues I worked on there were the same issues that we discussed in class at MCI. I believe my State Department experience gives me the expertise to share my knowledge with my students.

Donald L Sparks, PhD; Emeritus Professor of International Economics, The Citadel, Director, Charleston Council for International Visitors, President, SC Chapter of the Fulbright Association, USA

Mag. Sarah Vonier; Project Manager at in the headroom, Austria

As Senior Project Manager at in the headroom GmbH, I am constantly confronted with new communication topics from a wide range of industries. A great deal of sensitivity and expertise is required in conceptual consulting, but also in the planning and implementation of these projects. It gives me great pleasure to pass on this know-how and my experience to the students. It is of significance to - as in my work in the advertising agency - always to look beyond the horizon.

Mag. Sarah Vonier; Project Manager at in the headroom, Austria

Dr. Georg Huber LL.M. (Chicago); Lawyer and Partner at Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners, Austria

As a partner in the law firm Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partner, I am confronted with a wide range of legal issues and cases on a daily basis. It is important for me not only to explain legal issues to students in theory, but also to explain and demonstrate the application of law in practice using numerous examples from my professional life. Only in this way is it possible to awaken a deeper understanding of the law.

Dr. Georg Huber LL.M. (Chicago); Lawyer and Partner at Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners, Austria

Philipp Gottstein, BA: Graduate of the study program Business & Management, CEO of Gottstein GmbH & Co KG, Austria

Business & Management builds a solid foundation for your future career. Due to the broad scope of the program, students become experts in all vital functions of a company and - even more important - obtain the diagnostic skill-set to analyze and understand any given situation, process, or structure within an organization. Friendships were formed. Experiences were gained. Tough yet notable lessons were learned. Mistakes were made. Over and over. The bottom line is that it was the right decision.

Philipp Gottstein, BA: Graduate of the study program Business & Management, CEO of Gottstein GmbH & Co KG, Austria

After studying

Studying at MCI is an investment in a successful future. Through close cooperation with industry and the practical orientation of all courses, MCI graduates are in particularly high demand on the job market and have several job offers even before graduation.

Professional Opportunities

  • Industrial sector
  • Trading companies
  • Tax advisory & auditing
  • Business consultancy
  • Banks & insurance companies / investment counselling
  • Advertising agencies
  • Market research & opinion polls
  • Recruitment consultancy & HR management
  • Public administration

The full-time Bachelor program Business & Management is a practice-oriented study program with a focus on business and management. It was developed in cooperation with internationally renowned experts from science, business, and consulting, and was subjected to an independent demand-and-acceptance analysis. The alliance of business administration courses with economics and law, combined with social and communicative skills and scientific competencies, is the backbone of an innovative study program that offers excellent career perspectives.

The high demand for the Business & Management study program by prospective students on the one hand and by the business community on the other hand confirms our decision to offer a unique, quality-oriented program which covers all the main topics of business & management. Owing to the strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education, our international students are well prepared for an international career.

MCI Alumni & Friends

MCI Alumni & Friends provides a dynamic service platform promoting contacts, image, professional careers, and personal development of MCI and its graduates. We are delighted with all the graduates who choose to stay in touch even long after completion of their studies, and allowing us to be a part of their various careers:

Success Stories

Continue studying

The MCI offers a number of internationally oriented Master's courses. The Master’s program in International Business & Management is aimed directly at the graduates of this Bachelor’s program. The completion of a master's degree qualifies for the relevant doctoral studies.

Questions and answers

Yes, it is possible and it is even recommended that you apply before obtaining your school-leaving certificate in order to secure one of the limited places in your desired course of study. Please include your most recent certificates available in your application. Should your application be successful, the relevant school-leaving certificate may be submitted before the start of the first semester

Multiple applications are welcome as long as a plausible reason is provided in your cover letter. If you are admitted to two or more study programs, you are required to inform us of your final decision by the conclusion of the application procedures. If you have applied for two or more study programs, you will have to take the written entrance examination only once.

The admission to the study requires the completion of an admission process. This includes the following parts and can be done entirely without being present at MCI:

Step 1 - Online application: cover letter, CV & motivation
One part of the admission process is a written application including a résumé and a brief cover letter (professional/academic/social achievements, study/professional goals, etc.).  Your cover letter should explain your interest in the study program as well as the personal goals that you would like to achieve through the program.

Step 2 - Written entrance examination
If your application is received within the application period and all general admission requirements are met, you will be invited to the written entrance online examination. This is to assess your suitability for the respective course of study and consists of tasks on logical reasoning, numerical skills, language skills, English language skills, and personality factors relevant to study.

Step 3 - Interview
All applicants are invited to a digital interview to discuss their application, career goals and motivation for the study program.

Visit the homepage of our department where, in the Admissions section, you can find relevant preparation materials for the written entrance examination. Once we have received your application, you will receive relevant information including tips and advice on how to prepare for the exam.

For citizens of the following countries, the tuition fee is 363 euros per semester plus a fee for compulsory membership to the Austrian National Union of Students:

  • EU citizens,
  • EEA and Swiss citizens, and
  • non-EU citizens, who according to sec. 2 of the Austrian Study Act on Universities of Applied Sciences (FHStG) are subject to sec. 1 of the Austrian Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons (PersGV) (Austrian Federal Law Gazette (BGBL) II no. 340/2013 as amended from time to time).

For students of non-EU countries not considered eligible according to above regulations, the tuition fee is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s courses: 6,250 euros / semester plus compulsory Austrian National Union of Students membership fee
  • Master’s courses: 7,500 euros / semester plus compulsory Austrian National Union of Students membership fee

Your application documents regarding nationality will be assessed in detail as part of your admission procedure. Scholarships are available for applicants from non-EU countries and can be applied for as part of your online application.

Students of this study program have the choice within their curriculum, but also as part of their extracurricular activities, to choose between modules, specializations, additional courses, electives, etc. Additionally, the semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities, the internship, as well as projects and final papers, enable our students to make their study program a truly unique experience.     

Lectures and seminars in full-time courses are held on weekdays. To facilitate a more intense discussion of individual topics, some lessons may also be organized in blocks.

Attendance is mandatory in all classes. If you miss 25% of a course or more, this will have an effect on your final grade.

Exemption from mandatory attendance may be granted if a valid reason is given (e.g. sickness, visit to authorities or other personal reasons). Please submit your written request including relevant proof to the department for approval.