February 23rd 2018

Katharina Stückler

Marketing Director, Russmedia Digital GmbH

Study program: Bachelor in Management, Communication & IT

How did your study at MCI prepare you for your current job?

“The degree course in Management, Communication & IT has opened up a promising as well as interesting and varied career to me. In my current position as Marketing Director I am allowed to practically apply my previously acquired knowledge by taking full responsibility for various web portals.
The experience I was allowed to gain during a semester abroad has significantly shaped my personal development as well as my current career.
On the basis of practical as well as theoretical contents, Management Center Innsbruck has prepared me to take over a leading position and, thus, also strongly influenced the development of my personality.”

Thinking back to my time as a student at Management Center Innsbruck, …

“… I would recommend everybody who considers studying at MCI to enroll at this innovative, committed and international institution.
... I am reminded of a most interesting semester abroad in Nice, France.
… I appreciate the things it taught me for life.
... I miss the exciting time in Innsbruck and become aware of how lucky and proud I am to have studied at this university.”

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