February 23rd 2018

Peter Isemann

Program Manager, Google Inc., Berlin

Study program: Management, Communication & IT (Bachelor)

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

Through the wide range of subjects I studied, I have learned how to establish a rapport with someone and how to speak the right language, ranging from programmers to CEOs. A broad understanding of technology allows me to quickly familiarize myself with new, current topics. Understanding business topics enables me to transfer knowledge to and think in digital business models. This is indispensable for my current responsibilities.

If I look back on my time at MCI Management Center Innsbruck today, then...

I am very glad about deciding on MCI and Innsbruck. The very personal and direct support, realistic and up-to-date content which prepares you for working life, and the group sizes have made my studies at MCI especially valuable for me. I can't imagine getting such comprehensive insights into a broad variety of subject areas in such a short time at any other university. Personal development didn't fall by the wayside, either. I would always choose MCI again.

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