October 30th 2018

Lukas Rehm

Head of Marketing, Gronda GmbH

Study program: Management, Communication & IT (Bachelor)

Thinking back to my time as a student at MCI …
...I have to think of all my helpful and ambitious fellow students. At the same time, I remember warm summer days on the roof terrace but also challenging projects and many hours of hard work in the library or in front of my desk.
My memories are constantly accompanied by the positive ideas that all students, professors and staff carry within themselves and that are carried out through the work and commitment of the MCI.

How did your studies at MCI prepare you for your current job? (Preparation through studies)

For me personally, it was very important to study at a university that promotes entrepreneurial thinking and action and prepares me for work in a start-up or a subsequent business start-up. I was able to find both prerequisites at the MCI. Over the three years of my bachelor's program, my decision at that time proved to be correct from semester to semester.
If you want to make a difference in a start-up company, you have to be able to take the initiative and usually help yourself. This means that a broad knowledge base combined with specific skills in a central area is required. Through the well-founded basic education of the "Management, Communication & IT" degree program and the countless opportunities to specialize in various areas, graduates are optimally prepared for everyday life in a challenging working environment.

What makes the MCiT study program so unique is the well thought-out interplay of lectures on business administration, communication, IT and project management. This combination enables graduates to communicate self-confidently with programmers and managers, making them a valuable link between the technical and business areas of a company.

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