Christina Bauer

Consultant, Organization Transformation & Talent, Human Capital Consulting / Deloitte Consulting GmbH Austria

Study program: Management, Communication & IT (Bachelor)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

... I think of many intensive but also funny hours in various project groups on different topics; exciting lecturers with impressive CVs and comprehensive knowledge in numerous fields; a network of clever minds consisting of students and teachers, to which I still have frequent access today - two years after completing my studies; and of course the time on the ski slopes with the best view of Innsbruck.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

The MCI enables students to build up and apply practical knowledge from the very first semester, which really convinced me after my visit to the Open House - in addition to the appealing and modern learning environment - to study there.
You can prepare yourself for your work in consulting in terms of content and with various acquired working methods - but even with the best preparation you will not be spared to jump in at the deep end. What the study program has taught me in any case is that it is not always about specific expertise that counts, but largely also about how to react to situations quickly, professionally and with a certain composure and how to work together as a team towards a goal. The many project works and presentations, methods like Design Thinking or Scrum, but also the mind-set for acting in a fast changing and digital world, which the MCI provided me with, helped me a lot.
The study program Management, Communication & IT offers the unique opportunity to build up knowledge in all three disciplines and to understand the interfaces - which are becoming increasingly important in the market - as well as to identify relevant correlations. This knowledge makes you a valuable link between departments in companies. The program therefore offers the opportunity to gain insights into a wide variety of areas and topics and to specialize in the preferred area.