Paul Bruckberger

CEO & Co-Founder, linx4 GmbH

Paul Bruckenberger
Paul Bruckenberger

Study program: Management & Law (Bachelor)

MCI Alumnus Paul Bruckberger founded the FinTech start-up "linx4" and is now securing a seven-figure investment.

At the end of 2018, Paul Bruckberger (a graduate of the Bachelor of Management and Law) founded the FinTech start-up "linx4" together with his father. Now the entrepreneurs secured a seven-figure investment and strong expertise from the financial sector.

linx4 offers a platform for usage-based financing on a pay-per-use basis for machinery and equipment in cooperation with financial institutions and machine manufacturers. The company is now expanding its services with the establishment of an investment fund for institutional investors who want to participate in this attractive asset class and other IoT data-based financial products. The multi-million investment will now be used for further development of the platform as well as for the establishment of the fund.

The trend towards digital and flexible financing services in modern production has been further driven by the Corona crisis. linx4 manages to add important value to this ecosystem by combining industry 4.0 data and modern financing methods.

Co-founder Paul Bruckberger sees his MCI degree as the foundation for his professional success: "The mixture of theoretical expertise combined with practical teaching experience and the different study focuses (management, law, finance) is still the foundation for my successful professional life today.”