Alexandra Lins

International Project Manager, RAUCH Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co OG (Expat at RAUCH North America, Inc.)

Alexandra Lins
Alexandra Lins


Study Program: Management & Law (Bachelor)

How did your studies at MCI prepare you for your current job?

Studying at MCI showed me that hard work always pays off, because if you work hard and pursue your goals, you will be rewarded. I definitely maxed out the "work-friendly" model. This enabled me to establish a direct relationship between learned theory and practical experience at the same time.

This connected thinking, as well as the challenge of balancing both professional obligations and the demands of the study program, has prepared me very well for my current position. Likewise, the international aspect of the master's program and the international lecturers made my job as an expat easier, as my focus was not only on Austria.

When I look back at my time at MCI...

...I think back to numerous instructive and interesting courses, but also to a lot of fun and joy in working with my lecturers and fellow students. The hard work, which demanded perseverance, determination and self-discipline, should not be forgotten either. I look back on my five years at MCI with great pleasure because I was, and as an alumnus still am, part of a vast community. It was also an unforgettable and unique time, which I would definitely not want to miss. Two highlights are definitely my semester abroad in Canada during the bachelor's program and the study tour to Ireland during the master's program.

What would you tell someone who is considering studying at MCI?

Personally, I can only recommend studying at MCI to everyone. I have never regretted my decision to study at the Entrepreneurial School®. The only important thing is that you are motivated and have goals that you want to pursue and achieve. In my opinion, the MCI offers the right program for almost everyone and the quality of the lectures and extracurricular activities are unbeatable.