Paul Graziadei

Finance & Controlling, PACT Group

Paul Graziadei
Paul Graziadei


Study Program: Management & Law (Bachelor)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

I look back on a very instructive time that prepared me in the best possible way for my professional life. In addition to some very demanding parts, I also look back with pleasure on the fun times with my fellow students.

How did your studies at MCI prepare you for your current job?

The combination of business administration and law content ensures an optimal start into professional life. The numerous practice-oriented courses provide excellent support for future challenges. Furthermore, the internationality of the MCI offers a great opportunity to gain your first international experience. The double degree program enabled me to spend valuable months in London, from which I am still benefiting.

What would you tell someone who is considering studying at MCI?

I have not regretted my decision to complete both my bachelor's and master's degrees at MCI for a second. The practical relevance, the quality of the courses and the overall environment support students with their start into a career later on in the best possible way.