Toni Mangold

CEO, KERN Precision, Inc.

Study program: Mechatronics (Bachelor)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

… I see very friendly, very competent and very helpful people who have supported me in every way - privately, professionally and during my studies.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

Studying at the MCI is strongly oriented towards the real world. Working with current case studies, and having lecturers who have gained their experience in the free economy and who mentored us through our learning process with practical experience and examples have prepared me for the real world of work. The possibility to study part-time was also perfect for me - theory and practice could be consolidated perfectly. This was possible primarily because of the organization, the systems, and the online-platform that the MCI provides. The organization of my studies was wholly supported by a truly excellent team at the MCI. That was great.

Today I benefit very much from the broad diversification of the study program. As a managing director, it is very important for me to be familiar with legal principles, such as in labor law for example. Additionally, the true value of the English courses only became clear to me after I graduated. The small class sizes ensured that we were in close, very often personal contact with our lecturers. This close contact often made it easier to ask questions and engage in dialogues.

Probably the most important thing was the fun factor. Learning was fun, and I always looked forward to coming to MCI and meeting great, interesting people every week. MCI? Any time!