Monika Krahl

Product Manager, Handl Tyrol GmbH

Monika Krahl

Study program: Biotechnology (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

“… I know that I have taken the right decision.  The quick progress through participating in small and motivated groups as well as the comprehensive and personal supported provided by professors have enabled me to achieve my professional goals.”

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

“After having completed a specialized teacher training in chemistry and biology at the University of Munich, I seized the chance to deepen my knowledge, which had to date been purely theoretical, at Management Center Innsbruck. Studying at MCI has, in fact, enabled me to practically apply my previously acquired knowledge.

Because of my strong love for food, I chose to complement my studies in biotechnology with an additional focus on food technology. In close cooperation with the business world and industry, MCI provided me with the opportunity to develop strong project management skills and the ability to manage teams across different faculties.

Economic components were perfectly integrated into the regular curriculum and proved to be a valuable addition to the holistic approach of the program.

My current position as Product Manager at Handl Tyrol GmbH opens up a diverse, interesting and many-faceted field of activity: Interdisciplinary projects allow me to engage in the development of products ranging from an initial idea to the market introduction.”