May 02nd 2018

Christina Niederwanger

Associate Director at York University, Toronto; Major Gifts and Campaign

Study program: Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Leisure (Diplom)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

My time at MCI was a very treasured experience that was filled with great learning experiences, fruitful discussions and valuable friendships. I embraced my semester abroad in Venice as it taught me a lot about diversity, innovation and international business. The program provided an inspiring environment for motivated individuals.

How did the program help you to prepare for your current job?

The program challenged us students to manage a tremendous amount of projects simultaneously and under tight deadlines. I embraced such a busy environment as I knew that it will be a invaluable preparation for years to come. I am currently supporting a global fundraising campaign for a business school in Canada to help increase scholarships, Chairs & Professorships, research & innovation and capital projects. The school has over 30,000 alumni in 90 countries.


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