Maria Jimena Banales

Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP), GE (Jenbach)

Studiengang: Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

… I am glad to have taken the decision to enroll for a Master’s degree program at MCI. The company I work with today was also the company I collaborated with on my Master’s project. Without this connection, it would have been difficult to get a job here.
… it reminds me of two of the best years of my life so far: I got to know a beautiful city, went on numerous hikes through the mountains, learned how to ski, and formed valuable friendships.
… I am still grateful to all the lecturers, professors and other MCI employees who had faith in me and supported me from the very beginning – be it in the organization of my studies, to overcome any language barriers – my mother tongue is Spanish – or by giving me valuable advice.

When I look back at my time at MCI...

At MCI, I learned how to solve problems, explore opportunities for optimization, and work in a team. The study program introduces you to new technologies and, more importantly, teaches you how to be innovative and think out of the box. My current job requires a great deal of teamwork and to jointly develop solutions. Even though my course was focused on process engineering, it also covered many other subjects such as management and innovation as well as legal and business aspects. Knowledge of these topics is essential, regardless of the field you work in.