Marina Pünsch

Assistant Category Developer, Dr. Schär



Study Program: Food Technology & Nutrition (Master)

How Marina Pünsch came to work for Dr. Schär

"My time so far at Dr. Schär has been and continues to be very exciting, as well as challenging."

How did you come to work at Dr. Schär? Did you have any points of contact with our company before your first day at work?
In one way or another, I have come into contact with the Dr. Schär company throughout my career so far; but that is no surprise in South Tyrol, especially if you are in the food sector! Thanks to the partnership between Dr. Schär and the MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®, where I studied for my Master's degree in food technology and nutrition, I was also able to come into personal contact with the company for the first time through the "Dr. Schär Performance Scholarship".

What does your career look like?
I first graduated from the Technical College for Business, Graphics & Communication and then studied nutrition therapy in Bolzano. After I have gained some experience as a nutritional therapist, however, I was increasingly drawn to the food processing sector and had the opportunity to coordinate an innovation project in the NOI Techpark, Food Technologies Department, whilst studying for my master's degree. This is also where I discovered my passion for innovation, development and marketing in the food industry.

Why did you decide to apply for a scholarship at Dr. Schär last year?
The opportunity to get in touch with a leading, innovative company in Special Nutrition from my home region sparked my interest of course! I therefore immediately seized the opportunity and applied from my semester abroad in Taiwan and I was thrilled when I learned, I have been selected. The subsequent interview at headquarters, shortly before I graduated, convinced me in my impression of the company and I finally applied for a position in Category Development soon after, where I have now been part of the "Meals" team for just under 3 months.

What impression have you had with us so far?  Would you recommend Dr. Schär to others?
Definitely! My time at Dr. Schär so far has been and still is very exciting, as well as challenging. Getting to know many new experiences, acquaintances, dynamics and strategies - that's what I enjoy the most!


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